Choose a wig that suits you

With the continuous progress of the times, the pressure of most people is also increasing sharply. Causes insomnia, hair loss and other conditions. For you who love beauty, hair transplant or wig may be your choice. The choice of wig also needs to be carefully considered. How to choose a wig?

Factors for choosing a wig:

The choice of wig can be based on size, hair quality and face shape. When choosing a wig, many aspects must be considered, including its fit and comfort, because it must be worn on the head, and the hair must be integrated with the wig to appear more natural and temperamental. Also consider the color of the wig. If the skin tone is dark, it is best to choose a darker color. There are short and long wigs. The length can be chosen, choose according to your own preferences.

Classification of wig material:

At present the wig kind material on the market basically divides into 3 kinds, chemical fiber silk kind, real person hair, chemical fiber silk and true hair mix kind. Above all, the wig of chemical fiber silk kind is not lifelike.

Some people think the thicker the better when buying a wig because their hair is thin, which actually makes your experience worse. Since hair loss is a gradual process, you’re used to feeling less hair, and suddenly wearing a thick wig can feel very uncomfortable and unacceptable. So it’s best to wear a low-density wig for the first time.

Everyone’s hair color is different, so be sure to match your hair color when buying hair blocks. If you are not sure of your hair color, you can cut a little bit of your hair and compare it so that the wig is more like your natural hair color and more realistic to wear.

Maintenance wig notes:

For each material of the wig will have some problems to pay attention to, such as chemical fiber wig can not be washed with hot water, can not be blown by the wind can not be exposed to the sun. Human hair can be set with a dryer and placed in a hairnet to keep it loose. Synthetic silk and real hair wigs can only be shampooed.

It is important to choose a wig that suits you, because the most important thing about a wig is to blend with your hair and look more natural and beautiful, so you must choose a wig that suits your face shape to make it look less obtrusive.