As a coser, do you know about wigs?

Friends who like anime, especially cosplay, all know that the most important thing about cosplay is reduction, but the hairstyles and hair colors of many anime characters are always so out of the ordinary, and if you want to present a character perfectly, the choice of wig, Wear and care must not be taken lightly.

Cosplay suitable wig
Wigs are an integral part of cosplay. Wigs are part of clothing and part of the character. Like props, they are essential for styling.

As a coser, do you know about wigs?images

When identifying characters, we mostly identify them through wigs, costumes and props, and it is judged that wigs account for a large part of the restoration time.

An excellent coser must be loyal to the role of restoration, with restoration as the first priority, followed by aesthetics and comfort.

There are many types of wigs. The ones that people usually come into contact with are high temperature wires, card wires, and real hair. Of course, there are many other types, but generally speaking, Cosplay uses more high temperature wires and card wires, so they don’t do much. explained. The following introduction is also based on high temperature wire and card wire.

Let’s compare the parameters first:

  1. The high temperature wire can withstand high temperature of 200 degrees, and the card wire can withstand 80 degrees. This shows that wigs made of high-temperature silk can be styled with curling irons or straight clips, while wigs made of card silk can only be dried with the medium and low temperature of the hair dryer.
  2. The hair of high temperature wire is thinner, and the hair of card wire is thicker.
  3. The high temperature wire is about 3/5 of the thickness of the card wire, so it is normal for the high temperature wire on the same wig to have more hair than the card wire, and the actual effect is the same thickness.
  4. The high temperature wire is relatively soft, and the card wire is relatively hard.
  5. The reflectivity of high temperature wire and card wire is the same, which is determined according to the color (for example, gray wigs are basically not reflective).
  6. The sense of shape, the high temperature wire will never be as good as the card wire. High temperature wire is only suitable for these styles: curling straight hair, straightening curly hair, curling MSN wigs, and any other styles are most suitable for card silk.

From the above parameters, it can be seen that high temperature wire and card wire are quite different. The advantage of high-temperature wire is that it can be ironed and rolled freely, it is softer to the touch, and it is more natural to wear it out. The advantage of Cass is that it can do some exaggerated and high-support shapes.

When styling a cosplay wig, you must first identify the material of the wig in your hand, and then shape it.

In addition to the hair itself, you need to pay special attention to a few points:

The shape of the bangs (the common ones are with bangs, no bangs, one size fits all, and closed face)
Whether there is a scalp (that is, the flesh-colored plastic pad on the top of the head. Generally, wigs with scalps are much more realistic)
Whether there is a headway (commonly known as a boundary. It is much more difficult to reshape a wig with a headway)
Hairnet color (generally, black hairnet can be used for dark wigs, flesh-colored or white hairnets for light-colored wigs)
Whether the hair net can be adjusted, etc.