A variety of hairstyles start with a hair curler

Create different hairstyles at home

Want to try glamorous curly hair but don’t want to have curly hair all the time? Who says you can’t create the same hairstyle in a salon at home? Only with a hair curler, you can easily create the hairstyle you want. There are many hair curlers on the market, and you’ll have a hard time choosing!

What are the categories of hair curlers?

The main material for hair curlers has two types: a pure ceramic coating and a tourmaline ceramic coating. The biggest advantage of the pure ceramic coating is that it is evenly heated and the temperature does not fluctuate, which can reduce damage to the hair. The tourmaline ceramic coating has the function of releasing pure ceramic negative ions, which can protect the hair to some extent during use. On the surface, tourmaline ceramics are better, but in fact this is not the case, because tourmaline ceramics passively release some negative ions, and most pure ceramic coating products are equipped with negative ion generators, which can actively release negative ions in high concentrations.

How to choose an effective hair curler

The hair curler relies primarily on high temperature to bend the hair. Different hair types have different applicable temperatures, so the temperature of the hair curler is very important. Be sure to choose a hair curler with adjustable temperature. 3 adjustable temperatures are the most basic. Some high quality products have more temperature options and better practicality. In actual use: 120°C is recommended for easily damaged hair; 160°C is recommended for fine and frizzy hair; 180°C is recommended for thicker and harder hair.

If you have more customization needs for the hair curlers, you can pay attention to the following 4 functions. Whether the hair curler is dual-purpose for straightening and curling, in addition to whether the curling hair can be used for straightening hair; Whether the hair curler has a negative ion emitter, which can neutralize negative ions and reduce the damage to hair during the curling process; Whether the hair curler has a steam function, steam function It is very convenient to curl hair at a high temperature above 140, and it can provide a certain amount of moisture and protect the hair. If the hair curler can be used for both dry hair and wet hair can be styled, thus improving the efficiency of female output.