How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer

Although the Miniature Pug isn’t very good looking, he is very attractive with his ugly and cuddly looks! The average lifespan of a Miniature Pug can be as long as 13-15 years, but not all Miniature Pugs have that long of a lifespan.

4 Characteristics of Mini Pugs that don’t live long

Serious hair loss

  • Normal Miniature Pug: Because the coat is relatively stiff, it rarely loses hair and is smooth to the touch.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live long: the coat is rough to touch and sheds hair badly; and there is a high incidence of skin.

miniature pug

Poor physical condition and easy to get sick

  • Normal Miniature Pugs: Rarely get sick, except for a shorter snout that makes them prone to shortness of breath.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live a long life: have a very poor physique and get sick easily; for example: colds, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., and often have various gastrointestinal diseases.

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Thin and fat body

  • Normal Miniature Pugs: look chubby, but actually have just the right body shape, not fat or thin.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live long: their body shape and weight are not normal, some of them are on the thin side and their weight is not up to the standard, some of them are on the fat side and some of them are overweight.

miniature pug

Easily constipated

  • Normal Miniature Pugs: have normal bowel movements 1-2 times a day.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live long: are prone to constipation, some have bowel movements once every 2-3 days, some once every 5-7 days.

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How to make Mini Pugs live longer?

Pay attention to daily care

Every morning and evening, use a comb to help Mini Pugs comb their hair, back and forth in the downward and reverse direction, which can promote its blood circulation and enhance the body’s metabolism.

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Reduce the bathing frequency of Mini Pug, it is recommended to wash it 1-2 times in 7 months in winter and 3-4 times in 1 month in summer to reduce the skin incidence. Help it gently massage its skin every day to help its hair follicles and coat to be healthy.

miniature pug

In order to make the pug have a healthy body, the owner should also pay attention to regular deworming, immunization and cleaning. During the maintenance process, the owner may come across a situation where the dog is sick or injured. If the dog is found to be sick or injured, scientific treatment should be given immediately.

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Don’t eat foods high in salt, or it will lead to rough hair. It is better to choose some dog food containing deep-sea fish oil, which is helpful for shiny hair. Only after good care, we can have a healthy body!

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Stick to exercise

Mini Pugs don’t exercise a lot, but it takes a certain amount of exercise to burn off a little of their stamina. Miniature Pugs that don’t exercise for a long time are definitely far from healthy, as reflected in the brightness of their coat color and the degree of hair loss. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise a day is enough.

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The amount of exercise for puppies should be properly controlled, as the amount of exercise will put too much pressure on the bones that are not yet fully calcified, and you should also pay attention to feeding your dog food with a high calcium content. Mini Pugs are lazy dogs, take it out to exercise, it is best to bring along a little dog snacks, can improve its excitement.

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Avoid strenuous exercise for the Miniature Pug because its bones are very fragile, plus its legs and feet are short and its body is heavy, so it is easy to fracture. After exercising your Mini Pug, it is recommended that you give it pet calcium tablets 2 times a week to help with bone development.

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Regular deworming and vaccination

Annual vaccinations are essential if you want your Mini Pug to live longer. Of course, it is also very important to deworm it regularly. In order to prevent the body of the Miniature Pug from being absorbed by parasites, which may lead to malnutrition and hair loss, it is recommended that it be dewormed externally once a month and internally once every 3 months.

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Food refusal training

Food refusal training is a difficult thing for dogs, they will be interested in all the food on the side of the road, training mini pugs to refuse to eat, or not to eat the food in the garbage can prevent the dog from food poisoning or suffering from some other diseases, have a healthy diet will be less sick Oh.

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Maintain a happy mood

Owners can’t ignore the mental health of their Miniature Pugs. When owners are away from home all day, they leave their dogs alone. If the owner is away from home all day and the dog is left alone, the dog may become depressed because the dog is only happy when it is with the owner. Leaving them alone for long periods of time will only make them feel unhappy and unloved, and it may be difficult for them to live a long life.

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Healthy Diet

Diet is the most important factor that affects the life span of a pug. Many parents will feed their dogs leftovers, chicken livers, snacks and other foods, long-term feeding will lead to nutritional disorders, or will have a negative impact on the dog’s health. The so-called disease enters by the mouth, in fact, most of the Mini Pug’s diseases are eaten, so, if you want it to live longer, the owner must pay attention to its dietary health in general.

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It is recommended to feed the main diet of mini pugs mainly dog food, because dog food can meet the nutrition it needs for its body, so veterinarians are advocating feeding dog food to mini pugs. However, the threshold for making dog food is getting lower and lower nowadays, and owners should pay attention when selecting dog food, dog food is not the more expensive the better, not to mention the cheaper the worse!

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Whether a dog food is healthy or not, you need to consider the raw materials, smell, oil, salt, nutrients and other aspects of the dog food, these factors are often reflected in the dog’s feces color flavor, breath, hair quality, hair quantity and other aspects. So judging a dog food is good or bad, or need a period of observation!

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In the selection of dog food for mini pugs, it is best to choose some nutritionally balanced, no food additives natural food to feed, so that mini pugs eat a good body, in order to give the dog a healthy body, the owner should usually pay more attention to the dog’s diet, it is recommended that you do not give your dog to eat too poor-quality dog food, choose high-quality, healthy dog food.

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Most of the commercial food in the dog food to add a relatively high amount of salt, additives and oil, these are in order to the dog love to eat only a large number of additions to the body of the mini pug dog negative impact, so the pet owners have to start from the health of the purpose of picking up some high-quality natural food.

How to Train a Miniature Pug


Pugs are ranked 57th in IQ, medium intelligence, not too smart and not too stupid. But it can still be trained and must be trained. If you miss the golden time to train it, it will have its own temperament, and it will be very difficult to change in the future. When is the best time to train a Pug?

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For a new puppy, the first thing the owner needs to do is to familiarize him with the environment and people in the house. If he is about a month and a half old, he can start training him to spot defecate. Spot training cannot be learned in one day. Especially for a dog like the Mini Pug, the owner should be patient.

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How to Train a Miniature Pug to Poop

The most common training method is using newspaper. Some Mini Pug owners, in an attempt to show them how to defecate on newspaper, dip a bit of newspaper into the urine smell thinking that the dog will go there to go to the bathroom, but the truth is that this method of getting the dog to remember the location of the toilet using newspaper or urine-scented toilet paper will almost always fail miserably because dogs do not like to pee in a place that smells like their own urine.

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Even if the surface of the newspaper or toilet paper has dried out, leaving only a slight odor, dogs will use their keen sense of smell to pick up the odor, think “this place is dirty,” and go somewhere else to defecate. The right way to do this is to make sure you use a clean newspaper on the floor for your Miniature Pug to defecate on.

miniature pug

The right way to do this is to make sure you use clean newspaper on the floor to allow your Mini Pug to defecate. Owners can prepare a dog toilet beforehand by laying a few sheets of old newspaper stained with the Miniature Pug’s urine beforehand and placing it in the bathroom or some distance away from where he sleeps and eats.

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It is a good idea to remember the approximate time and behavior of the dog before defecation. Miniature Pugs usually try to defecate when they wake up or after eating. When it is found, it is taken to a designated place. With patience, the Miniature Pug will learn to defecate.

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When the Miniature Pug is almost 3 months old, the prime time for training begins. Owners can prepare clear, simple commands and some dog treats beforehand.

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At about three months of age, it’s time to change teeth. If you don’t want him to bite, or even if you don’t want him to bite, you should have a teething toy or a chicken jerky treat on hand. As soon as you realize that he is biting, you go to his eyes and say “no”. When it obeys, you can give it the toy or chicken to dry.

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During this period, the owner can train it to be quiet, sit down, shake hands and eat. The training time should not be too long, 15 minutes is good, and can be combined with life; the training should be patient, as far as possible, do not use threats, intimidation and other ways to make it afraid.

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When it reaches about 4 months old, you can gradually do some socialization training for it. It is important to get it used to the leash and to take the initiative to take the leash with you when you go out.

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When training a Miniature Pug, it is also important to pay attention to its growth and development and eat a balanced diet, as its nutritional needs are very high during this period of time. Owners can choose some natural dog food that is nutritionally balanced, high in protein and calcium, and easy to absorb. However, you should also control the amount of food to be fed and not let it eat too much, which will hurt its stomach.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Training Miniature Pugs

When training a Miniature Pug, you can’t ask it to obey everything, just like you can’t ask that of a child. However, it is important to show the Miniature Pug what is forbidden to it during the breeding process. In this way, the Miniature Pug will learn to obey as it grows older.

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If the Miniature Pug is found doing something that is not allowed, it must be punished. It should be noted that the punishment here is not hitting the Miniature Pug, but rather shaking the collar around the Miniature Pug’s neck, scolding it harshly or giving it a gentle pat. However, punishment should only be administered if you catch it doing something it is not allowed to do on the spot. Punishment after the fact is wrong, otherwise the Miniature Pug will learn that doing anything for it is wrong.

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We all know that the Mini Pug’s IQ is very low, but to train it will not be very difficult, as long as the owner has the patience of the Mini Pug will learn very well, but in the process of training Mini Pugs, the owner must not use the following wrong way!

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Complicated commands

It is important to train your Miniature Pug with a password. Don’t use some complicated password names. Owners should use some simple and short passwords, and the passwords should not be changed frequently, which will make the Miniature Pug very confused. When training a Miniature Pug, the command must be sharp and simple so that the Miniature Pug will be easier to train!

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Teach a lot at once

Also, when training a Miniature Pug, the owner cannot teach a lot of movements at once. He can’t just learn one move and teach the Miniature Pug the next new move. If he does this, the Miniature Pug will not be able to memorize it and may forget the last learned move!

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Snacks all the time

So dog food plays a very important role in training Miniature Pugs, but owners can’t give him too many dog treats for this reason, so it’s easy for Miniature Pugs to develop the habit of eating and doing actions.

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Owners should fix the amount of snacks every day, as well as to be able to switch to language, petting and other rewards from time to time, not necessarily every time is a dog snack!

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Won’t be able to beat to will

So the dog sees the training staff, the whole dog is shrinking, timid, cowardly, not confident!

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Too much tone of voice

Attitude is important when training a miniature pug. The weather should not be too hot. This way, the Miniature Pug will be afraid to feel like he is doing something wrong. The owner should make the Miniature Pug feel like they are playing a game.

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And the attitude must be gentle during the training process, so that the Mini Pug will also be willing to cooperate with you, as well as each training time is not too long, fifteen minutes is enough!