How to Give a Fluffy French bulldog a Bath and How to Choose a Body Wash Part 2


For the cleaning of the Fluffy French bulldog‘s mouth, one should pay attention to the cleaning of the oil stains around the corners of the mouth, and the second is to pay attention to oral care and brush the Fluffy French bulldog’s teeth to remove its bad breath. The Fluffy French bulldog’s mouth is one of the sweat secretion channels, there will inevitably be some food residue after eating, when the mouth or intestines have problems, it will trigger bad breath.

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So be sure to brush your Fluffy French bulldog‘s teeth to remove stains and odor, and at the same time to adjust the Fluffy French bulldog’s diet structure, as light as possible, less oil and salt and suitable fruits and vegetables, to solve the problem of bad breath from the root. Brushing teeth, you also need to pay attention to the choice of toothbrush, pay attention to the choice of Fluffy French bulldog-specific toothbrushes, never choose a human toothbrush. But to brush the Fluffy French bulldog’s teeth, it is simply to his Fluffy French bulldog’s life ah, which requires the owner to have patience, so that they slowly adapt to it.

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Full Body Cleaning

After the head of the key parts of the cleaning, you need to carry out the whole-body cleaning. Before bathing the Pitbull, it is important to comb its hair (preferably in the direction of the hair), so that the tangled hair can be opened, so that the dirt is better exposed, in order to facilitate the cleaning cleaner. Then use one hand to control the Frenchie and one hand to apply the body wash to the Frenchie, gently rubbing it to create a lather and massaging it all over its body in the direction of the reverse coat. If you choose to rinse, be sure to pay attention to the water temperature (water temperature is usually 36 degrees Celsius in spring and 37 degrees Celsius in winter), rinse and dry the head first, then rinse the body hair.

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Pay attention to rinse off the body wash on the hair, use a clean towel to dry the body hair, and then use a hair dryer to blow dry thoroughly. If you choose to soak, put warm water and suitable shower gel in the bathtub (if necessary, you can also choose a special medicinal bath for dermatological diseases to soak first), let the Fluffy French bulldog into it, first splash of water to moisten the whole body of the Fluffy French bulldog, and then massage it to clean the whole body. In the process of bathing, we can purchase a special hair brush for the French dipper to help us wash the Fluffy French bulldog.

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The choice of Fluffy French bulldog body wash

What we have to mention here is how to choose the Fluffy French bulldog’s bath gel, which is also a problem that bothers many owners. Nowadays, the pet industry is so developed that it is actually difficult for us to choose which one to actually use.

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Simply put, all chemicals are either acidic, alkaline, or neutral. The scale for balancing the acidity and alkalinity of a product is the ph. value, which ranges from 0-14. pH 7 is neutral, between 0-7 is acidic, and between 7-14 is alkaline. Human hair and skin are weakly alkaline, whereas a fado’s are weakly acidic. So don’t bathe your Fluffy French bulldog with the same body wash or shampoo we use as owners, he needs an acidic body wash to keep his coat and skin healthy. The basic purpose of all body washes is to clean the coat and keep it normal and healthy.

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While many body washes can achieve good results, different formulas can make a difference to your Fluffy French bulldog’s coat, and in some of the PH balanced body washes, among the many types available, you can also find an effective body wash for different needs. Here is a list of some common types of body washes.

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General Purpose Body Wash

Formulated for all coat textures and colors, and containing special ingredients and conditioning factors such as egg whites, aloe or other herbal extracts, mink oil, cocoa butter, etc., a good general purpose body wash will thoroughly cleanse and condition the skin and coat, leaving the coat bright and the skin in the most comfortable condition. Those body washes with special conditioning factors can make the gray fur re-programmed with luster and can make the damaged fur get restored.

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Concentrated Body Wash

This type of body wash is usually general purpose and comes in two types, one is a gel or cream (slightly thicker than normal) and the other is highly concentrated and can be diluted to 12-64 times the ratio, often the highly concentrated type used in general pet grooming salons.

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Tearless Body Wash

These shampoos are milder and are generally used on puppies and adult Fluffy French bulldogs with sensitive skin. A “tear-free” formula means that it will not irritate your Fluffy French bulldog’s eyes when you wash his coat.

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Medicated Body Wash

These formulas are enriched with fungal and anti-itch ingredients to relieve itching, reduce bacteria, prevent dryness due to allergies or non-specific dermatitis, and soothe skin irritation.

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Hypoallergenic Body Wash

This gentle, fragrance and color free formula is designed for Fluffy French bulldogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

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Color Enhancement Body Wash

This formula is designed for special coats that do not retain their color forever, but rather enhance the original color with a brightness enhancer. For example: Mullein for white and light-colored Fluffy French bulldogs removes yellow or light grey discoloration; body washes for brunettes or tans help to de-oxidize (or simply tint the tips of the coat reddish or orange) to give a more natural look to the color of the coat.

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Body Shampoos

These are coat-enhancing shampoos, especially recommended for Fluffy French bulldogs with soft coats. These body washes can be used when there are special demands on the coat, but they will only have a temporary effect and will not permanently alter the natural texture of the Fluffy French bulldog’s coat and skin.

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Insecticidal Body Wash

Formulated to safely kill fleas and ticks, pyrethroid insecticide is a widely used insecticide that cleans and treats the epidermis at the same time. It is safest for puppies when used under proper supervision. Be sure to read the directions on the label when using this shampoo.

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So, that’s the whole process of bathing. At the end of the bath, it is important to rinse and dry the puppy and keep the room temperature warm to prevent skin diseases and colds from occurring. At the same time, it should be noted that, because the bath will remove some of the oil on the body, reducing the Fluffy French bulldog’s ability to protect the Fluffy French bulldog from the cold and the resistance of the skin, so do not put the freshly bathed Falcons in the sun or blowing the wind outdoors!

How to Give a Fluffy French Bulldog a Bath and How to Choose a Body Wash Part 1


Fluffy French bulldog skin because there is no dense hair, the skin is relatively fragile, although the hair is short, but also love to fall out of hair, in order to reduce the Fluffy French bulldog fall out of hair, increase the number of baths is also a method, depending on the situation.

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In order to the dog’s body clean and healthy, as well as home health and safety, should be given to the French Bulldog for regular cleaning, but also to master the correct cleaning methods and precautions.

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The benefits of bathing the dog

In fact, bathing the dog has many benefits. Bathing can stimulate the metabolism of the skin epidermis, get rid of excess oil, dirt and bacteria, wash away necrotic hair, boots, parasites and their feces. It also keeps your dog odor-free and clean, leaving their coat clean, bouncy and fluffy. People may think that bathing a dog is easy, but it is not, and there is actually a lot to learn about it.

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Some people think that frequent bathing will wash away the natural oils on the skin, but using too much dog body wash will dry out the skin and coat. Some owners think that bathing their dog is fine no matter when they give it a bath. In fact, the number of times the dog’s bath should not be too frequent, if the frequency of the Fluffy French bulldog bathing will make the epidermis of the protective layer becomes fragile, so that the Fluffy French bulldog’s skin has lost the “umbrella”, and over time it will be easy to get a skin disease, it will make the hair become dry, easy to brittle broken and thus a lot of hair loss. How often you should bathe your dog depends on the texture of the coat, the color (how often the coat gets dirty), and the temperature and humidity in your area.

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For a Frenchie, a bath can generally be given once every one to two weeks in the summer, or once a month in the winter, and at other times you can simply wipe down any areas that your Frenchie has soiled with a damp towel. Of course, if you give your dog a bath can use the right tools and techniques, use the correct ph. value of the dog-specific body wash, you can also properly increase the number of baths, after all, who do not want a smelly pet running around in their own house. So, from my own experience of 5 years of professional breeding Fluffy French bulldog, “How often should I give my Falcon a bath?” The answer is: once a week or twice a month when it needs it.

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How to give a Fluffy French bulldog a bath

So, after all that, how do you bathe a Bucket? In fact, it is the head and body two parts of the cleaning. The head cleaning is mainly the care of the face, eyes, ears and mouth, and the body is mainly pay attention to the cleaning of the hair.

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Fluffy French bulldog have many folds and grooves on their face, and when after ingesting some irritating food, they tend to leave some tears. Tears will cause the grooves to form a moist and dark environment, in these grooves will breed a large number of bacteria, if the long term, will cause some damage to the skin on the face of the phalarope, so we need to be careful to clean the face. Of course, the owner should also pay attention to not feed some greasy or salty stimulating food.

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The eyes of Fluffy French bulldog are extremely fragile, when bathing Fluffy French bulldog, you should apply Vaseline around its eyes or cover its eyes with your hands, so as not to let the shower gel flow into the eyes of Fluffy French bulldog. It is important to note that a phalanx may have tear stains in the inner corners of its eyes, which should be washed away promptly. Tear stains often form over time because the eye is infected or irritated and tear secretion is high.

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Owners can choose pet-specific eye drops for Fluffy French bulldog for protection and management, generally speaking, if the tear stains have not yet formed, once a week drops for protection can be used, if the tear stains have been formed, the drops can be placed inside the eyes and face, one to two drops at a time, three to five times a day. At the same time, the owner can balance the diet structure of the French combat, diet to light, reduce the intake of oil and salt composition is too high things, so as to avoid the French combat internal heat and fire and the emergence of tear stains.

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Fluffy French bulldog’s ears tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, and in the long run it is also easy to breed ear mites, which requires us to pay attention to the cleaning of the ears when we give the dog a bath. First of all, in order to prevent the dog from scratching his ears, we can gently hold the head of the Pit Bull, or you can use a circle of towels to surround his ears. Then prepare some cotton swabs, used to wipe the dirt on the outer ear wall, in order to clean more cleanly, you can buy some dog-specific ear wash with the use. Be careful that the cotton swabs should not be thick, or they will cause damage to the dog’s ears.

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When the dog’s ear periphery exposed area clean (pay attention to the back of the dog, to prevent it from causing shock), you can gently turn its ears over, use the flashlight lighting, gently and slowly soaked in ear cleaning liquid swabs into the ear canal for cleaning, do not go too deep, otherwise it may not only bring dirt into the depths of the ear canal may cause damage. If you think the cleaning is not clean enough, you can soak the ear wash into the ear, gently massage the ear, and use the dog’s own shaking to shake out the dirt. When the cleaning is finished, then use a clean cotton ball or towel to wipe the ears clean.

Do Fluffy French Bulldogs Lose Hair Badly?

Do Furry French Bulldogs Lose Their Hair, We humans lose a certain amount of hair every day, and dogs are just like humans in that they also lose their hair. It’s just that the fur of the shaggy French Bulldog is shorter and not as noticeable as other long-haired dogs that lose their hair. So, what’s the truth, really? Let’s find out if French Bulldogs shed their hair.

Do Fluffy French Bulldogs Lose Hair?

The shaggy French Bulldog is just like any other pet dog, it’s not that the shaggy French Bulldog doesn’t shed if its hair is so short and sparse. There are many reasons that affect its hair loss. If you find that your Fluffy French Bulldog is losing its hair, parents should first determine the main cause of the Fluffy French Bulldog’s hair loss, and then address it in a targeted manner. A three-pronged approach of diet, care, and treatment will alleviate hair loss in your furry French Bulldog puppy and promote healthy new hair growth.

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Causes of Hair Loss in Furry French Bulldogs

Problems with bathing

Bulldogs are bathed too often. It is more reasonable for a normal dog to be bathed once every 7-10 days in the winter and once every 7 days in the summer.

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If you give your furry French Bulldog a particularly frequent bath in normal times, or if you give it a body wash used by people or an unqualified body wash, you are hurting its skin, which will also increase the amount of hair loss in your furry French Bulldog.

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Food that is too salty

A furry French Bulldog that loses its hair badly can also be prone to hair loss because the food it usually eats is too salty, and when it ingests too much salt, its body has difficulty in affording food that is too salty. Don’t give it salty food, focus on dog food, fruits, yogurt, egg yolks and vegetables.

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To alleviate the hair loss problem of your furry French Bulldog, it is recommended to keep its diet light and choose a dog food that is low in salt and light and has more balanced ingredients as its staple food.

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Seasonal Hair Loss

Seasonal hair loss is the first thing that can happen to a furry French Bulldog. In order to adapt to the temperature, furry French Bulldogs will change their hair in certain seasons, which is a normal phenomenon that pet owners don’t need to worry too much about.

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As long as you give your furry French Bulldog timely nutritional supplements you can avoid very serious hair fall, and you should also comb your furry French Bulldog more often on a daily basis, which can promote metabolism, relieve hair fall, and also collect the floating hair that falls off.

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One of the reasons why a furry French Bulldog shed a lot of hair is due to an infestation of fleas or skin mites. When fleas bite, their saliva causes an immune response in the furry French Bulldog. Furry French Bulldogs that are allergic to flea saliva will have a reaction accompanied by intense itching and skin inflammation. Furry French Bulldogs often suffer from hair loss, sores and infections from licking, scratching and gnawing at the skin.

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There are also mites that can cause your furry French Bulldog to be very itchy, which can cause sores, scabs and patches of hair loss. Regular deworming of your furry French Bulldog is recommended once a month for external deworming and every three months for internal deworming.

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Special Times

The heavy hair loss of the Fluffy French Bulldog may also be due to special periods, such as the fertile and lactating period of the Fluffy French Bulldog, which can lead to nutritional hair loss due to the loss of a lot of nutrients from the body.

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At special times, pet owners should pay attention to give the furry French bulldog more nutrition, you can feed it pet goat milk powder to help it supplement nutrition and enhance its physical condition.

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Skin disease

Improper use of shampoo, due to the acidic surface of human skin, human shampoo is alkaline, while the dog’s skin is neutral, long-term use of human shampoo is not conducive to the protection of the dog’s skin.

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Before weekly bathing, add the medicine to remove skin diseases in water and soak for 20 minutes (based on the dispensed medicine in the pet hospital), and then bathe with the bath solution. Be sure to blow-dry, or you will be prone to skin diseases.

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In summer, when the temperature is high, it is best for dogs to stay in air-conditioned rooms to prevent mosquito bites, otherwise they are also prone to skin diseases. After walking every day, promptly wipe the whole body with a semi-dry damp cloth to remove grass clippings, mud scum and dust.

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When the bulldogs lose their hair, the dog owner should take the trouble to pay attention to environmental hygiene and not let the dog hair fly all over the sky.

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How to deal with hair loss in furry French Bulldogs

Because of the normal physiological hair loss caused by the change of climate seasons, which can not be changed, of course, this is also a normal phenomenon. Parents do not have to worry too much about this. During this shedding process, parents just need to increase the number of times a day for the furry French Bulldog to comb the fur, massage the skin, to ensure that it has a healthy diet and rest can be. For example, preparing more high-protein and high-vitamin foods for your furry French Bulldog puppy can be very helpful in restoring the growth of his coat and keeping his skin healthy.

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Don’t bathe your furry French Bulldog puppy frequently. Many parents like to bathe their furry and fluffy French Bulldogs in three days. In fact, this is a kind of damage to the fur of the furry French bulldog, and it is more likely to have skin disease hair loss. For this reason, it is vital to have a reasonable bathing time for Bulldogs. In the summer 7-10 days to take a bath once, winter will be appropriate to extend to 20-30 days to take a bath once are possible.

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The furry French Bulldog has a very short coat, which is reasonably easy to take care of. But the shoveler who has owned a furry French bulldog dog knows that the furry French bulldog’s hair fall is very strong, may touch it a little bit, can catch a handful of hair.