Retro Pug: Breed Differences and Similarities to Beagles Part 1

Pugs are a popular choice compared to Mastiffs, Bichons, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers and many other breeds of pet dogs. However, pugs and beagles are also controversial because defects in the breeding process led to a number of potential health problems, especially the short, flat facial features that can lead to exercise difficulties and respiratory problems. In order to preserve the Pug’s lovable and loyal personality while improving its health problems, German breeders crossed Jack Russell Hounds with Pugs to produce the Retro pug.

Breed History

Both of these puppies have fascinating storybook histories. It is worth your time to explore them. Knowing these stories can provide insight into what these dogs do and how they behave. In turn, this will help you make any decision about buying or adopting either breed!

retro pug

The history of this Beagle is shrouded in mystery, with records showing that their counterparts lived in B.C. Greece. Beagle pioneers also took hold in England in the 700s and 1000s. In any case, hunters bred these pups to sniff out and chase wildlife.

retro pug

About 800 years later, the dog we officially call the beagle made its way to America. It didn’t take long for the American Kennel Club to recognize the breed, and they consistently ranked high on the club’s popularity list.

retro pug

Still, most people don’t look at a beagle and think of a fearsome hunter. They’re just as likely to think of the beloved comic book character Snoopy. That air of cuteness keeps beagles on the job. Airports rely on their keen senses and fearless nature for baggage screening.

retro pug

This retro pug is a breed of dog whose history is easier to trace. They were originally bred as domesticated animals in China centuries ago. Pet owners are said to cherish these doggy wrinkles, especially if their wrinkles seem to spell out the word “prince”.

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The Dutch were responsible for popularizing the retro pug in Europe. In the 16th century, a retro pug allegedly saved Prince William of Orange by alerting him to an oncoming intruder, and the dog became known as the Official Dog of the House of Orange.

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From there, the breed won the hearts of European royalty for centuries, including Marie Antoinette. Queen Victoria of England was particularly fond of these animals and was a retro pug breeder herself! Back in China, the breed continues to hold a similar imperial status.

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As for the United States, the Retro pug is officially recognized as the breed of the American Kennel Club in the mid-1880s. Although their popularity has fluctuated back and forth over the years, these dogs have always had their avid followers. The American Retro pug Club was founded in 1931 and was approved by the American Kennel Club the same year.

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While not everyone can correctly name any of the breeds, they can certainly tell them apart! Beagles have their trademark floppy ears, while retro pugs are infamous for their wrinkled and smooth faces. Of course, despite this, there are many more physical differences between these two breeds.

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Beagles come in a variety of colors. In most cases, they are Tri-colored: black on the back, tan on the head, shoulders, and hindquarters, and white on the belly, legs, chest, and end of the tail. Some Beagles have white and red spots on certain parts of their bodies. Others have a whole range of completely different colors! In any case, Beagles have short, shiny coats and tend to have hazel or brown eyes.

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Meanwhile, retro pug colors are more predictable: they usually come in black or fawn. However, that doesn’t mean that two fawns will look the same. These puppies can come in a variety of skin tones, from silver to apricot. Regardless of their shade, however, retro pugs have black ears and mouths and dark brown eyes. They also have short, soft coats.

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They both love to play with their families. They are also both gentle: they are not mean unless someone provokes them. In these respects, both breeds are ideal for families with children. Both dogs have the potential to become willful, which is not the most straightforward character trait – but if you have a lot of love and persistence, you can train them to stick together in your situation.

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Now, these are most of the similarities. Both dogs are born with a different set of traits that make each dog suitable for different people. Let’s take a closer look!

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Temperament Differences

Hunters bred Beagles for their sport. This history means that they are quite active and energetic! They need a lot of play and a lot of stimulation, otherwise they can get into mischief that you wouldn’t find cute, like trying to escape. Beagles are actually closer to the temperament of a Labrador than a Retro Pug, which means that the two aren’t as close to the way they interact with their human owners.

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Retro pugs are the complete opposite in terms of energy. These creatures are natural lap dogs. You can sit down with them and call it a day. However, they need a lot of quality time and will respond poorly if you don’t give them the attention they crave.

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Retro Pug IQ

Any pooper scooper who knows anything about the Replica Cuban Cocker Spaniel knows that the Pug’s IQ is ranked 57th on the dog rankings, which is arguably one of the lower IQ dogs, when translated to a human child. The IQ of the Pug is actually equivalent to that of a 4 to 5 year old child, who is particularly naughty and greedy at this time!

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This stage of the Pug’s concentration is not focused, so the owner training is also particularly difficult, if you want to train a good Pug, it is best to start 3~6 months after its birth. This stage is the golden period of training, and this stage of the Pug’s learning ability is relatively strong, so don’t miss it!

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To summarize, of course, every dog has its own personality. Retro pugs can have a rude attitude (at least for a retro pug), while beagles can have a fairly docile temperament. A lot of it comes down to the kind of socialization they got as puppies. If you have any concerns about any dog’s potential (or current) behavior, consult a breeder or adoption center.

9 Steps to Pick a Healthy and Beautiful Pug Puppies

Choosing a Healthy and Beautiful Pug Puppy

The most important thing in choosing a family dog is that it is healthy, and a 2-month-old dog is weaned enough to live independently. The first thing you should do is to pay attention to the dog’s features and state, and then use the nine steps to pick out a healthy and beautiful pug puppies.

pug puppies

  1. Eyes should be clear, no floating debris, and no excessive discharge from the corners of the eyes.
  2. The nose should be moist and moderate, not always sneezing.
  3. Teeth should be neat and white, no odor in the mouth.
  4. The Pug belongs to the small dogs, but gives the feeling of small in the big, a kind of compact Pug puppies.
  5. The head is required to be big and round like an apple but not up-arched, and the face is big on top and small on the bottom like an axe-head type.
  6. The facial folds should be more and deeper than the better. Eyes large and round and slightly protruding, ears in the shape of a button is better, to be small and thin and softer.
  7. The mouth should be short, wide, but not upturned.
  8. Buy the attention of the dog’s eye circles, forehead folds, mouth, nose, ears, cheeks on the “mole” should be black hair short, soft, but not too soft, smooth and glossy, the tail is best to have a double layer of curly hair, and can be rolled up to the hips above the most ideal.
  9. Color depends on what you like. The face and hair selected, the other will be easy chest broad, body thick and short healthy, full of muscle, body proportion should be normal, the legs cannot be too long, and to be thick and strong.

pug puppies

Selecting a Purebred Pug puppies

Pug expression is very unhappy, but in fact the character is the kind of very mischievous and joyful oh. The more obvious characteristic of the pug dog is that the face has a lot of folds, like a big embarrassed character. Their eyes are very round, their nose is somewhat flat, and their respiratory tract is short, so they will often make the sound of huffing and puffing. How do you pick a purebred pug puppies?

pug puppies

Pug puppies are selected for their smallness, compactness, good proportions, and hard muzzle profile. The ideal weight range is 14 to 18 pounds. Proportions are square. Markings are well defined. Muzzle or face color, ears, ear rims, thumb spots, diamond shaped spots on forelimbs and back markings may be black. Face color should be black.

pug puppies

The coat is aesthetically pleasing, smooth, soft, short, and shiny, neither hard nor wool-like. The color is silver, apricot, or black. The silver or apricot color should be clear and contrasting with the other color markings and the color of the face. The neck is slightly arched, stout, and of sufficient length to enable the head to be held high and proud. The back is short with a horizontal dorsal line. The body is short and fat with a broad chest and well expanded ribs. The tail is curled as far above the rump as possible. Multiple curls are preferred.

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Head large, stout, not arched, apple head, forehead not receding. Eyes very dark in color, very large, prominent and striking, globular, with a look of peace and longing. Very bright, when excited, full of enthusiasm. Muzzle short, blunt and broad, but not upturned. The bite should be a slight protruding jaw bite. There are two ear shapes: rose or button ears, the latter being the more desirable. The ears are thin, small, soft, and resemble black velvet. The wrinkles are large and deep.

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The Purebred Pug puppies, when viewed from the front, is well oriented in the forequarters, with strong feet and wrists, and square paws on the ground, with the middle toes forward. The hindquarters move with power and ease. The stifle and fly joints do not turn inward or outward. The hind legs are in the same straight line as the front legs. Both the front and hindquarters are naturally slightly tucked in. The slight twisting of the hindquarters indicates that he is relaxed, confident and happy.

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When to wean a Pug puppies

Dogs are born nursing to maintain their physical growth, but of course all puppies can’t nurse for the rest of their lives, they have to start weaning after a certain stage of growth. Pugs are one of the most popular pet dogs and when should they be weaned after birth and what food should they eat after they are weaned?

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Generally, puppies are weaned when they nurse until they are 1-2 months old. Some parents wean their pug puppies earlier, after their dog has nursed for 1 month, however more parents choose to wean their dog when it has nursed for about 1.5 months. It is worth noting that before weaning a Pug puppies, parents should think about what food they will feed them in the future, and that they should source the food that their dog will need to eat after they are weaned well in advance.

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At present, most of the food parents choose to feed their pugs are professional dog food, and other dog food, of course, occasionally in life, they will also DIY some dog food to adjust the dog’s taste. Before you are ready to wean your Pug puppies, you should prepare the professional puppy dog food and dog milk powder.

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Puppies in the weaning period are physically fragile, and their gastrointestinal function is not well adapted. Therefore, those hard puppy dog food should not be given directly to its door to eat, you can first use warm water to soak the dog food soft, and then the soft dog food soaked in dog milk powder, and into a paste after the pug to eat. The main reason for not soaking the dog food directly in powdered milk is that it is not easy to soak the dog food in powdered milk, and after the powdered milk is soaked the dog food will not be fresh for a while, and the flavor of the milk will be mixed with the flavor of the dog food and will not smell good anymore.

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When giving dog food to weaned pugs, it must be softened first. Because, pug puppies in the weaning period have fragile gastrointestinal function and their teeth are not fully grown, they can’t chew the dog food well, and their gastrointestinal function is more laborious to digest these hard dog foods. If you give your puppy dog food directly, it is easy to have gastrointestinal indigestion problems. For this reason, parents must pay special attention when feeding weaned pug puppies.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods


Pugs, in fact, also known as pugs, dogs at different ages, the body needs nutrients have great differences, so we feed the dog’s method should be with the dog’s age and accordingly some changes. If it is always the same, then what happens is nothing more than malnutrition or over-nutrition, so how to feed Pugs at different stages, let’s find out.

pug puppies

A newborn pug can’t eat other foods and mainly nurses to get the nutrients it needs to grow. Within this stage, parents do not need to prepare other food for the pug puppies, but must ensure that the mother dog diet is healthy, and to meet the needs of the mother dog at the same time to meet the pug puppies. If the dog mother’s milk is not enough, you can consider using pet goat milk powder instead, such as pets big pug puppies cat milk replacer powder, the ingredients are natural, can add a lot of nutrition for the pug puppies, but don’t feed people drink milk powder, the pug puppies can’t be digested will have diarrhea and diarrhea.

pug puppies

Of course, in the care of pug puppies, must do a good job of cold and warmth as well as daily raw maintenance. For example, it is very important to take the pug puppies to vaccination, deworming and so on in time.

pug puppies


There are no rules for deworming medicines and time, the most commonly used medicine is levamisole, which is usually dewormed once after 20 days of the pug puppies’s birth, then for three days in a row in 30-35 days, and then again before 60 days. At present, Britain, the Netherlands and Hong Kong often adopt the following deworming protocol: the first deworming is carried out 2 weeks after birth, deworming is carried out every 2 weeks from 2 to 8 weeks of age, deworming is carried out once a month from 2 to 6 months of age, and deworming is carried out once every three months after 6 months of age. For dogs that are not determined to be dewormed at 6 months of age, deworming should generally be repeated after the first deworming and then every three months thereafter.

pug puppies


The principle of the diet of the Pug puppies should be to eat less and more meals, because the gastrointestinal function of the pug puppies is more fragile, so it is more important to pay attention to the diet. It is important to eat small meals and prepare foods that are easily digested and absorbed and rich in overall nutrition. Of course, those spicy and stimulating, hard and indigestible food should be eliminated and not given to pug puppies.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图4

Adult pugs are healthy and strong, but they still need to be fed at regular intervals. Adult pugs can be fed 1-2 times a day, and the amount of food each time to ensure that the dog can eat up to 8 minutes full, to meet its day’s energy consumption and physical growth needs.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图5

In addition to timely feeding every day, you should also reasonably guide the Pug to do some exercise. For example, walking, walking, of course, leisure time can also guide the Pug to do some running, jumping sports.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图6

When the Pug enters old age, its body will begin to slowly decline, gradually showing the state of old age. The dog’s reaction will slowly slow down, walking will become slower or lose balance. The dog’s body will lose nutrients and accelerate the rate of aging.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图7

When taking care of elderly pugs, the diet should be small meals, prepare more calcium nutrient and protein-rich food, and you can feed Panda Instant Calcium Vitamin to supplement the nutrition for the elderly pugs, supplementing a variety of calcium, 12 kinds of trace elements, and 8 kinds of vitamins to enhance the resistance of the elderly dog to disease. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably guide the dog to do some exercise, walking walks can be, however, those strenuous running and jumping desire to try to eliminate.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图8

Pug feeding methods

The food fed to Pugs, such as meat (beef, chicken, fish) must be fresh. Fish should have their spines removed (unlike cats, fish spines can easily damage the mouth and throat and cause vomiting). In addition to meat, feed vegetables, cooked beans and vegetarian food such as cookies with no or little sugar. Meat fed to pugs should be boiled in a small amount of water for 10-20 minutes and then chopped. The reason why meat should be cooked is to add flavor and trigger the appetite; and to kill bacteria and parasites in the meat to prevent illness.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图9

The amount of food can be based on the size of the Pug’s body weight, 180 to 220 grams for moderation, not to feed too much, otherwise it will be fat and lose the lovely image. Because Pugs are naturally fatter dogs, so try to control the food he likes to eat, otherwise once the dog becomes particularly fat, although it looks good and cute, but it will easily cause heart disease! Generally 2~3 months old puppies are fed 4~5 times a day, 4~8 months old are fed 3 times a day, more than 8 months 2 main meals can be enough, some adult dogs are satiated with a full meal.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图10


Provide adequate protein, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins during the developmental stages of your Pug. Cooked eggs are the best source of protein for Pugs, and it is best to buy specialized milk, otherwise milk consumed by ordinary people can easily cause diarrhea and vomiting in puppies.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图11

Before and after meals should not let the dog do strenuous exercise, otherwise it will affect digestion.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图12

Salt in food should be controlled, never too salty (about 1.4%), otherwise it will cause easy hair loss and increase the burden on the organs. Because the dog is extremely sensitive to sodium (Na), every kilogram of body weight given 3.7 grams of table salt (NaCl) can be fatal!

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图13

Human ingredients, as well as onions, chili peppers and other spicy and stimulating foods are not suitable to feed, chocolate is not to let the dog accidentally eat, because the dog can not excrete cocoa alkaloid and caffeine will be toxic phenomenon: such as rapid heartbeat, extreme excitement, spasms, elevated body temperature, and so on, and when it is serious, it will affect the central nervous system leading to heart failure and death.

Pug Puppies: Pug Feeding Methods插图14

With the age of the pug’s body functions will also appear corresponding changes, so no matter in the diet, care and exercise should be changed, so as to ensure that the dog can live a healthy life.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer

Although the Miniature Pug isn’t very good looking, he is very attractive with his ugly and cuddly looks! The average lifespan of a Miniature Pug can be as long as 13-15 years, but not all Miniature Pugs have that long of a lifespan.

4 Characteristics of Mini Pugs that don’t live long

Serious hair loss

  • Normal Miniature Pug: Because the coat is relatively stiff, it rarely loses hair and is smooth to the touch.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live long: the coat is rough to touch and sheds hair badly; and there is a high incidence of skin.

miniature pug

Poor physical condition and easy to get sick

  • Normal Miniature Pugs: Rarely get sick, except for a shorter snout that makes them prone to shortness of breath.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live a long life: have a very poor physique and get sick easily; for example: colds, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., and often have various gastrointestinal diseases.

miniature pug

Thin and fat body

  • Normal Miniature Pugs: look chubby, but actually have just the right body shape, not fat or thin.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live long: their body shape and weight are not normal, some of them are on the thin side and their weight is not up to the standard, some of them are on the fat side and some of them are overweight.

miniature pug

Easily constipated

  • Normal Miniature Pugs: have normal bowel movements 1-2 times a day.
  • Miniature Pugs that don’t live long: are prone to constipation, some have bowel movements once every 2-3 days, some once every 5-7 days.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图3

How to make Mini Pugs live longer?

Pay attention to daily care

Every morning and evening, use a comb to help Mini Pugs comb their hair, back and forth in the downward and reverse direction, which can promote its blood circulation and enhance the body’s metabolism.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图4

Reduce the bathing frequency of Mini Pug, it is recommended to wash it 1-2 times in 7 months in winter and 3-4 times in 1 month in summer to reduce the skin incidence. Help it gently massage its skin every day to help its hair follicles and coat to be healthy.

miniature pug

In order to make the pug have a healthy body, the owner should also pay attention to regular deworming, immunization and cleaning. During the maintenance process, the owner may come across a situation where the dog is sick or injured. If the dog is found to be sick or injured, scientific treatment should be given immediately.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图6

Don’t eat foods high in salt, or it will lead to rough hair. It is better to choose some dog food containing deep-sea fish oil, which is helpful for shiny hair. Only after good care, we can have a healthy body!

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图7

Stick to exercise

Mini Pugs don’t exercise a lot, but it takes a certain amount of exercise to burn off a little of their stamina. Miniature Pugs that don’t exercise for a long time are definitely far from healthy, as reflected in the brightness of their coat color and the degree of hair loss. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise a day is enough.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图8

The amount of exercise for puppies should be properly controlled, as the amount of exercise will put too much pressure on the bones that are not yet fully calcified, and you should also pay attention to feeding your dog food with a high calcium content. Mini Pugs are lazy dogs, take it out to exercise, it is best to bring along a little dog snacks, can improve its excitement.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图9

Avoid strenuous exercise for the Miniature Pug because its bones are very fragile, plus its legs and feet are short and its body is heavy, so it is easy to fracture. After exercising your Mini Pug, it is recommended that you give it pet calcium tablets 2 times a week to help with bone development.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图10

Regular deworming and vaccination

Annual vaccinations are essential if you want your Mini Pug to live longer. Of course, it is also very important to deworm it regularly. In order to prevent the body of the Miniature Pug from being absorbed by parasites, which may lead to malnutrition and hair loss, it is recommended that it be dewormed externally once a month and internally once every 3 months.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图11

Food refusal training

Food refusal training is a difficult thing for dogs, they will be interested in all the food on the side of the road, training mini pugs to refuse to eat, or not to eat the food in the garbage can prevent the dog from food poisoning or suffering from some other diseases, have a healthy diet will be less sick Oh.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图12

Maintain a happy mood

Owners can’t ignore the mental health of their Miniature Pugs. When owners are away from home all day, they leave their dogs alone. If the owner is away from home all day and the dog is left alone, the dog may become depressed because the dog is only happy when it is with the owner. Leaving them alone for long periods of time will only make them feel unhappy and unloved, and it may be difficult for them to live a long life.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图13

Healthy Diet

Diet is the most important factor that affects the life span of a pug. Many parents will feed their dogs leftovers, chicken livers, snacks and other foods, long-term feeding will lead to nutritional disorders, or will have a negative impact on the dog’s health. The so-called disease enters by the mouth, in fact, most of the Mini Pug’s diseases are eaten, so, if you want it to live longer, the owner must pay attention to its dietary health in general.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图14

It is recommended to feed the main diet of mini pugs mainly dog food, because dog food can meet the nutrition it needs for its body, so veterinarians are advocating feeding dog food to mini pugs. However, the threshold for making dog food is getting lower and lower nowadays, and owners should pay attention when selecting dog food, dog food is not the more expensive the better, not to mention the cheaper the worse!

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图15

Whether a dog food is healthy or not, you need to consider the raw materials, smell, oil, salt, nutrients and other aspects of the dog food, these factors are often reflected in the dog’s feces color flavor, breath, hair quality, hair quantity and other aspects. So judging a dog food is good or bad, or need a period of observation!

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图16

In the selection of dog food for mini pugs, it is best to choose some nutritionally balanced, no food additives natural food to feed, so that mini pugs eat a good body, in order to give the dog a healthy body, the owner should usually pay more attention to the dog’s diet, it is recommended that you do not give your dog to eat too poor-quality dog food, choose high-quality, healthy dog food.

How to Make a Miniature Pug Live a Little Longer插图17

Most of the commercial food in the dog food to add a relatively high amount of salt, additives and oil, these are in order to the dog love to eat only a large number of additions to the body of the mini pug dog negative impact, so the pet owners have to start from the health of the purpose of picking up some high-quality natural food.

How to Train a Miniature Pug


Pugs are ranked 57th in IQ, medium intelligence, not too smart and not too stupid. But it can still be trained and must be trained. If you miss the golden time to train it, it will have its own temperament, and it will be very difficult to change in the future. When is the best time to train a Pug?

miniature pug

For a new puppy, the first thing the owner needs to do is to familiarize him with the environment and people in the house. If he is about a month and a half old, he can start training him to spot defecate. Spot training cannot be learned in one day. Especially for a dog like the Mini Pug, the owner should be patient.

miniature pug

How to Train a Miniature Pug to Poop

The most common training method is using newspaper. Some Mini Pug owners, in an attempt to show them how to defecate on newspaper, dip a bit of newspaper into the urine smell thinking that the dog will go there to go to the bathroom, but the truth is that this method of getting the dog to remember the location of the toilet using newspaper or urine-scented toilet paper will almost always fail miserably because dogs do not like to pee in a place that smells like their own urine.

miniature pug

Even if the surface of the newspaper or toilet paper has dried out, leaving only a slight odor, dogs will use their keen sense of smell to pick up the odor, think “this place is dirty,” and go somewhere else to defecate. The right way to do this is to make sure you use a clean newspaper on the floor for your Miniature Pug to defecate on.

miniature pug

The right way to do this is to make sure you use clean newspaper on the floor to allow your Mini Pug to defecate. Owners can prepare a dog toilet beforehand by laying a few sheets of old newspaper stained with the Miniature Pug’s urine beforehand and placing it in the bathroom or some distance away from where he sleeps and eats.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图4

It is a good idea to remember the approximate time and behavior of the dog before defecation. Miniature Pugs usually try to defecate when they wake up or after eating. When it is found, it is taken to a designated place. With patience, the Miniature Pug will learn to defecate.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图5

When the Miniature Pug is almost 3 months old, the prime time for training begins. Owners can prepare clear, simple commands and some dog treats beforehand.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图6

At about three months of age, it’s time to change teeth. If you don’t want him to bite, or even if you don’t want him to bite, you should have a teething toy or a chicken jerky treat on hand. As soon as you realize that he is biting, you go to his eyes and say “no”. When it obeys, you can give it the toy or chicken to dry.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图7

During this period, the owner can train it to be quiet, sit down, shake hands and eat. The training time should not be too long, 15 minutes is good, and can be combined with life; the training should be patient, as far as possible, do not use threats, intimidation and other ways to make it afraid.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图8

When it reaches about 4 months old, you can gradually do some socialization training for it. It is important to get it used to the leash and to take the initiative to take the leash with you when you go out.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图9

When training a Miniature Pug, it is also important to pay attention to its growth and development and eat a balanced diet, as its nutritional needs are very high during this period of time. Owners can choose some natural dog food that is nutritionally balanced, high in protein and calcium, and easy to absorb. However, you should also control the amount of food to be fed and not let it eat too much, which will hurt its stomach.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图10

Do’s and Don’ts of Training Miniature Pugs

When training a Miniature Pug, you can’t ask it to obey everything, just like you can’t ask that of a child. However, it is important to show the Miniature Pug what is forbidden to it during the breeding process. In this way, the Miniature Pug will learn to obey as it grows older.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图11

If the Miniature Pug is found doing something that is not allowed, it must be punished. It should be noted that the punishment here is not hitting the Miniature Pug, but rather shaking the collar around the Miniature Pug’s neck, scolding it harshly or giving it a gentle pat. However, punishment should only be administered if you catch it doing something it is not allowed to do on the spot. Punishment after the fact is wrong, otherwise the Miniature Pug will learn that doing anything for it is wrong.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图12

We all know that the Mini Pug’s IQ is very low, but to train it will not be very difficult, as long as the owner has the patience of the Mini Pug will learn very well, but in the process of training Mini Pugs, the owner must not use the following wrong way!

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图13

Complicated commands

It is important to train your Miniature Pug with a password. Don’t use some complicated password names. Owners should use some simple and short passwords, and the passwords should not be changed frequently, which will make the Miniature Pug very confused. When training a Miniature Pug, the command must be sharp and simple so that the Miniature Pug will be easier to train!

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Teach a lot at once

Also, when training a Miniature Pug, the owner cannot teach a lot of movements at once. He can’t just learn one move and teach the Miniature Pug the next new move. If he does this, the Miniature Pug will not be able to memorize it and may forget the last learned move!

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Snacks all the time

So dog food plays a very important role in training Miniature Pugs, but owners can’t give him too many dog treats for this reason, so it’s easy for Miniature Pugs to develop the habit of eating and doing actions.

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图16

Owners should fix the amount of snacks every day, as well as to be able to switch to language, petting and other rewards from time to time, not necessarily every time is a dog snack!

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Won’t be able to beat to will

So the dog sees the training staff, the whole dog is shrinking, timid, cowardly, not confident!

How to Train a Miniature Pug插图18

Too much tone of voice

Attitude is important when training a miniature pug. The weather should not be too hot. This way, the Miniature Pug will be afraid to feel like he is doing something wrong. The owner should make the Miniature Pug feel like they are playing a game.

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And the attitude must be gentle during the training process, so that the Mini Pug will also be willing to cooperate with you, as well as each training time is not too long, fifteen minutes is enough!

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy

We have dark brown pugs, usually will give dark brown pugs bathing, do not think that bathing is only a simple chore, in fact, there are some matters to pay attention to, so dark brown pugs bathing in the end to pay attention to what?

Frequency of bathing

Dark brown pugs should be vaccinated after 4 months before taking a bath. Dark brown pugs that are often in the house should be bathed once a month, while dark brown pugs that are often outdoors and basically don’t go inside should be bathed three or four times a year, as they don’t sweat as much as humans do, so they don’t get dirty.

dark brown pug

Bathing time

Bathing a dark brown pug must be picked at noon or midday when the temperature is cozier to avoid too cold dark brown pugs being frozen, and you also need to bathe your dark brown pug on a rainy day after getting wet or after having fun at the beach.

dark brown pug

Exercise your dark brown pug before bathing

In the dark brown pugs before the bath as far as possible to let the dark brown pugs first turn around for a while, and let it poop, and then later to carry out the bathing, bathing temperature cannot be too high, and the human body temperature can be similar, the first to the anal opening to carry out the cleanup, and then use a sponge to clean up from head to tail, and then wipe the shampoo hand wash neat, but pay attention to the shampoo do not let the shampoo into the eyes, mouth and nose, and ultimately cleaned up the neat shampoo, will body Scrub the body neatly, and finally organize the hair.

dark brown pug

Special attention is paid to the fact that small pets are not suitable for bathing in all conditions, and sometimes even hurt their lives. Below I’ll give you a general overview of the types of conditions in which dark brown pugs can’t be bathed.

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What conditions cannot give dark brown pugs a bath

Puppies that have just been brought home

Just brought back the dark brown pugs, they are not very understanding of the surrounding natural environment, very easy to phenomenon, and their immunity at this time is very low, even if their body is very dirty cannot bathe them, otherwise it will cause fever and cold, needless to say, more serious when it is very likely to cause fine. Cat slaves can use wet hot wet cotton towels to help them clean up.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图4

Just vaccinated good pre-vaccination

Pre-vaccination is also essentially a viral infection despite its ability to prevent some illnesses. Dark brown pugs are weaker after being pre-vaccinated. If they are regurgitating and getting dirty, you can feed them some probiotic powder to alleviate it.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图5

Dark brown pugs are sick

When a dark brown pug is sick, their resistance is low and weak, so bathing them will always jeopardize their condition and make them sicker and sicker. It’s not too late to bathe your dark brown pug after they’ve repaired their body.

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Number of baths for dark brown pugs in summer

It is not really true that dark brown pugs sweat a lot in the summer and get dirty easily, so they need to bathe more often. There are too few sweat glands on the skin of the dark brown pug to dissipate heat through the skin, not so much at all! How often your Dark Brown Pug should be bathed in the summer depends on your Dark Brown Pug’s own body odor and how often you go out!

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图7

Why don’t you advocate bathing your dog more often? Dogs have a different skin structure than humans, which has 12 to 16 layers of skin, whereas dogs have only 2 to 5 layers, making them susceptible to injury. Dark brown pugs have a protective layer of oil on the surface of their skin. Frequent bathing washes away this layer, making the skin of dark brown pugs more fragile, their coats rougher, and they are more prone to skin diseases.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图8

Also, shaving all the hair off your dog’s body won’t make them any cooler! A dog’s coat is like the walls of a house, keeping out the wind in the winter and the sun in the summer. Further, a dog’s hair is like a suit of clothes that burrow into the grass like bugs and don’t get bitten right away. Don’t shave your dog’s hair because it’s easy to take care of or because you want to keep him calm!

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图9

In order to keep your dark brown pug from smelling so bad and to protect the health of your skin, it’s best to bathe your dark brown pug as often as 1 week to 1 month. Regardless of the breed, washing once a week is frequent unless illness requires it. How often a dark brown pug should be bathed in the summer depends on the dark brown pug’s own body odor and how often they go out!

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图10

Although the skin of the Dark Brown Pug doesn’t sweat, it can be quite oily in the summer. In particular, breeds with severe body odor such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, and English Bulldogs can have their body odor exacerbated in the summer, and a weekly or bi-weekly wash is fine.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图11

Some dark brown pugs go out a lot in the summer to play and spread out in the grass, these dark brown pugs should be bathed a little more often, but no more than once a week.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图12

Some newbie dog owners who know absolutely nothing about it may wash it once a day, which is really not good for the dog, but rather persecutes it! If the Dark Brown Pug’s own body odor is not very heavy, plus they don’t go out very often, washing once in 2 weeks or 1 month is not a problem, as long as the owner can tolerate it.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图13

Unsatisfactory 3 Puppies, sick dogs, elderly dogs, nursing dog moms, etc., with weaker resistance, it is not recommended to bathe the Dark Brown Pug, it may catch a cold and aggravate its condition. If you especially want to give it a bath, you can use a wet towel to wipe it down, or you can buy dry cleaning powder or dry-cleaning foam, which can solve the problem of cleaning the dark brown pug.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图14

Also, no matter what kind of dog it is, whether you go to a pet store to bathe it or wash it yourself, be sure to blow dry it after bathing! Especially for dogs with double coats, once the undercoat is not dry, it can easily cause skin diseases. So, every time you bathe your dark brown pug and blow-dry its coat, be sure to lift it up to see if the undercoat is dry.

What to Look for When Bathing a Dark Brown Pug Puppy插图15

The frequency of bathing your dark brown pug may vary each time, so if you’re not sure, take your dark brown pug to the pet store for a wash and ask the groomer. Remember, don’t bathe your dog too often, even in the summer.

Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets

Dark brown pug is commonly known as dark brown pug, which belong to the small playful dogs, but the body is very strong and compact. Nowadays, there are a lot of families keeping dark brown pug, and you will often see owners walking their cute dark brown pug during their leisure walks. Dark brown pug is small and have less need for exercise, they are cheerful and lively, and smart and alert. So, it is relatively easy for parents to raise them.

Breeding dark brown pug

To raise a Pug first build a good living environment for it. For example, prepare a comfortable and warm kennel for it, prepare some daily toys, eating utensils, dog toilet and so on.

dark brown pug

To make the Pug grow up healthily, nutritional comprehensive and balanced food is a must. Then you also need to feed it regularly every day and prepare enough diet for it. Nowadays, the main food suitable for pet dogs are, dog food, canned dog food, dog cookies and so on. In addition, parents can also in with some fresh vegetables, meat and other food to feed dark brown pug. And other pet food, human food and so on do not give it to eat.

dark brown pug

In addition to the living environment, diet, etc., parents should also do a good job in the health care of the pug. For example, you should brush your dog’s hair at least once a day. Trim the dog’s toenails and hair in time. The dog’s teeth should be brushed 3 times per week, it should be bathed and cleaned regularly, and so on. Most importantly, parents should regularly deworm their dark brown pug in vivo and in vitro, and vaccinate them regularly to protect their dogs’ health from diseases.

dark brown pug

To raise a good Pug is also nothing more than managing its food and shelter. And it should be noted that although the Bugs do not exercise much, reasonable and healthy exercise is still necessary. Owners should walk their dark brown pug for a walk in their spare time, and in their free time on weekends they should take their dogs outdoors to do more exercise, in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and maintaining good health oh.

dark brown pug

How to deal with tear marks in the corners of the eyes of dark brown pug

If you see the pug’s eyes are full of tear stains, once 2 times will not notice the situation. However, if you can see the corners of the eyes of the pug for a long time have deep tear marks, then pet owners need to pay close attention to it, it is likely that the pug’s eyes appear to be a problem, the pet owner must assist it to solve the tear marks.

Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets插图4

Feed a light diet

Pet owners do not have to feed their dark brown pug dry and hard dog food, because the dog food is baked by machine, so dark brown pug have been eating so dry and irritable ingredients are easy to fire, it is inevitable that there are tear marks. And, pet owners should also pay attention to not give the pug to eat their own leftover meals, ultimately, people eat things salt and oil flavor relative to the dog is relatively heavy, the pug often do not eat all the meals, it is also easy to fire. Therefore, pet owners should always prepare some light dishes for dark brown pug in advance.

Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets插图5

Moderate application of eye drops

There is also the pug’s hair is longer, sometimes longer hair into its eyes, the surface of the eyes suffered the irritation of dirt will metabolize the tears, in the long run will produce the tear stains. There is also that both eyes suffered a sense of Dick, caused by some of the problems around the eyes, will also prompt the pug’s corner of the eye hanging with two tear stains. For this kind of condition caused by the tear, pet owners need to dark brown pug around the corner of the hair cut repair off, and then use a wet paper towel will be scrubbed neatly around its eyes, unremittingly every day to dark brown pug apply eye drops can be.

Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets插图6

Go to the pet hospital for a physical examination

If the pet owner in the pug application of eye drops after a period of time, the situation has not improved, but also more serious words. Pet owners need to see if the pug has any other major manifestations, if there is always want to sleep, diarrhea, purulent nasal discharge, repeated fever and other conditions, pet owners should hurry to send the pug to the pet hospital clinic to accept the examination. Because of the comprehensive analysis of the situation, the probability that the pug has distemper is very high.

Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets插图7

How to give a pug a bath

Dark brown pug is a very cute small dogs, they are gentle and friendly, very affinity, loved by many dog lovers. Despite their small size, dark brown pug requires the same attention to daily care and cleaning. Here are the detailed steps for bathing a pug:

Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets插图8

  1. Before giving a pug a bath, put a collar on him so that it is easy to control when bathing. This point, for many of the “bath” of the good dog seems to be less applicable, but for the first time to bathe the pug can try.
  2. Use cotton swabs or tampons (do not use cotton balls, if the pug shakes its head during the bath, the cotton balls will automatically fall off) to vertically plug the pug’s d-shaped ear canal. Dot the eyes with gentamycin ointment to prevent the entry of bath liquid and dirty water.
  3. If the pug is placed in a tub or bathtub for bathing, then the amount of water should be 5-10 cm deep, and a non-slip mat can be placed in the tub to allow the pug to stand still in the tub by itself.
  4. Dip the pug into the appropriate warm water to soak the whole body, comb the pug’s fur gently, so that the pug feels comfortable and quiet, ready to take a bath.
  5. First in the pug’s back coated with bath, from the back to the hips to rub, the whole body rubbed out foam, and then finally wash the pug’s head, two ears, chin, around the anus, limbs, soles of the feet and other parts of the pug, should be washed comprehensively, need to pay attention to is to avoid the foam washed into the pug’s eyes. Despite the fact that the packaging of the baths sold in pet stores state that they are “non-irritating to the eyes”, so far there is still no bath that is 100% safe and enjoyable for dark brown pug. So, the only way to find out is to be careful. If this is your pug’s first time taking a bath, or if he or she is a very uncooperative type of dog, as already mentioned, you can try using a collar to make it easier for you to control your pug. In this case, you hold the pug’s collar with one hand while gently scrubbing, lest the pug jumps out or gets water everywhere.
  6. Start flushing. The direction of rinsing is to clean the pug’s head first, then the body. Start from the head and gradually rinse backward, do not split the head a handful, rinse wherever it is.
  7. Be sure to ensure that the residual bath liquid on the pug’s fur is thoroughly rinsed out, and make sure that the residual bath liquid on the pug’s body is completely washed out, it is recommended that the conditioner be used every time, and the pH balance is conducive to the thorough washing of the residual bath liquid on the pug’s body.
  8. Dry the pug with a large towel that can completely wrap the pug, remove the tampon inside the pug’s ears, and wipe the ears. Use the towel to wipe first, then use a hair dryer to dry. If your pug is suffering from a skin condition, allow the pug to dry naturally without catching a cold, as the heat from the hair dryer will further irritate the itchy skin affected area.
  9. After blow drying, please remember to brush your pug’s coat.
  10. Finally, use toilet paper to clean the eye and ear parts of your pug.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2

If you have a cream pug pup, it is recommended that you crate train it so that it will be happy even if it is left alone in its crate without its owner. Try staying in different rooms with your pup so that he gets used to being alone from an early age.

Brushing your cream pug

Brush your cream pug daily. Even though cream pugs have short hair, they still need to be brushed regularly. Cream pugs are notorious for shedding, so you’ll want to brush them every day so that dog hair doesn’t fall out on the floor or furniture. Get a good brush and make brushing a daily task that must be done so that your dog’s hair loss can be controlled.

cream pug

Purchase a sticky roller, a high-quality vacuum cleaner, leather or faux leather furniture, hardwood or linoleum floors, light or dark colored clothing (depending on your cream pug’s coat color), a water filter screen that is the right size for the drain of your bathtub, and a high-quality pet hair brush.

cream pug

Keep the hidden areas of your dog’s body clean and clear. Did you know that the folds and hidden areas of a baby’s skin need to be cleaned with soft towels and cotton swabs? Now, you need to know about the folds and hidden areas of your cream pug’s body as well. The wrinkles on your cream pug’s face especially need to be cleaned regularly.

cream pug

Building a Cream pug’s Coat

The most basic requirement for trimming a cream pug’s hair is that you should not use ordinary scissors to trim your dog’s hair. Parents should always choose a pair of professional dog trimming scissors.

cream pug

When trimming, parents should first stabilize the dog’s agitation, wait until it is quiet and stable before starting to trim. Avoid the dog to be stabbed by the scissors because of the fidgeting during the construction process.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图4

Trimming the Cream pug’s hair requires attention, and a comb should be used to trim the hair as you comb it. Just like human hair trimming, this will avoid the trimming scissors from stabbing the cream pug, and can ensure a smooth, safe trimming of the dog’s entire coat.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图5

Trimming the hair on the cream pug’s body can be done according to the dog’s body shape, and just trim the body’s hair flat and whole. After trimming, use a comb to comb through the coat to remove any hidden hairs.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图6

Dealing with Respiratory Problems

Note that cream pugs are more susceptible to respiratory problems. Cream pugs have a shorter windpipe than most other breeds, so they are susceptible to respiratory problems. Cream pugs have narrow nostrils and a long, soft upper jaw that takes up a lot of space behind the throat. In fact, the reason cream pugs snore and make loud noises when they breathe has to do with the soft tissue at the back of their throats. Whenever a cream pug breathes, the soft tissue vibrates.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图7

If you think your cream pug’s snoring is noisy, then wear earplugs to block out the noise while you sleep, or crate train your dog to sleep in a crate

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图8

Learn to recognize the signs of respiratory distress. With just a little bit of fatigue, most cream pugs will start panting heavily to fulfill their body’s need for oxygen. Be aware that if you insist on exercising your cream pug when he shows shortness of breath, he may pass out. Most of the time, a cream pug’s heavy breathing isn’t a cause for concern, but you’ll want to learn to recognize the signs of respiratory distress disorder in order to deal with possible health problems. These signs include:

  1. Panicked facial expressions accompanied by noisy breathing sounds
  2. Bluish gums or tongue
  3. Thick, sticky saliva
  4. Unwillingness to move
  5. Exaggerated heaving of the chest and belly
  6. Fidgeting, as if no matter how uncomfortable
  7. Fainting

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图9

Don’t let your cream pug stay in hot places. Dogs can’t sweat, so they want to dissipate heat. Cream pugs suffer twice as much when it’s hot because they can’t breathe freely when they need to breathe well the most, causing their bodies to have a greater need to cool down. But because their breathing is impeded and their body temperature is not lowered, the dog is susceptible to heat stroke. They should only stay in the shade or cool indoors.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图10

Keep your cream pug at a healthy weight. Breathing problems in cream pugs are related to their breed, and in light of this, it is important that you keep your cream pug at a slimmer weight. Being overweight increases the body’s need for oxygen, and the extra fat squeezes the lungs, airways, and throat, exacerbating breathing difficulties. If you feel that your cream pug is overweight, consult your veterinarian and ask him to suggest a healthy weight reduction feeding program.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图11

Consider the Special Needs of Cream pugs

Provide cream pugs with special steps to make it easier for them to climb up and down. You can purchase pet steps or think of something similar to make it easier for your cream pug to climb onto your bed or furniture. Pet steps can save you a lot of money on vet visits, as jumping up and down a lot can injure your cream pug’s joints or hips.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图12

Cream pugs are born brave and fearless. You must keep your dog on a secure leash when animals such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, cows, horses, wolves, or black bears are in the vicinity. Cream pugs don’t care about the size difference between themselves and these animals, and they will fight to protect you.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图13

Buy lots of sound toys and teething toys. Keep the toys fresh by changing them from time to time or your dog will lose interest quickly. You also have to watch out for your dog chewing on the toys and swallowing any bits that fall out.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图14

Respond warmly to your dog when he approaches you. No matter what, let your cream pug lick you to his heart’s content whenever he feels like it. Dogs. There really aren’t many ways to express their love for humans, and licking is one of them. You can never imagine how much your cream pug loves you.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2插图15

Speak softly to your cream pug often. It will return the favor by being twice as nice. Cream pugs are very funny and will make you laugh when you are down. In fact, the best way to live with your cream pug is to love it with all your heart. When a dog shows you love, respond to it with love. Cream pugs love it when people scratch them behind the ears and on the belly. Cream pugs are wonderful dogs and they will never fail to show you love.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1


Cream pugs are a popular breed of dog, with a child-like face that is round and flat, and big coffee-colored eyes, it’s no wonder that many people can’t help but want to cuddle them as soon as they see them. Cream pugs have some health problems of their own, such as being prone to illness, especially respiratory problems.

cream pug

Cream pugs are more of a one-dimensional character, not easily tamed, and have a lot of energy. It is necessary for you to know these characteristics of cream pugs ahead of time so that you can better take on the responsibility of caring for them.

cream pug

Feeding your Cream pug

Feeding a cream pug dog, the right kind of food. Give your cream pug a high-quality food. Double-check the package directions when buying dog food, and choose a food that shows the exact name of the meat at the top of the ingredient list. Don’t buy dog food that is high in grains or soy because not only does this indicate a low-quality dog food, but grains and soy can ferment and make your dog’s bloating worse.

cream pug

Limit snacks and dog food. Gluttonous cream pugs will look at you with big, innocent eyes and make you think they haven’t had enough. Cream pugs can easily become overweight if they eat too much. You have to pay close attention to slight changes in your dog’s weight, learn to score your dog’s physical condition, cut down on rations if necessary, and help your dog lose weight in time to avoid more serious health problems caused by obesity.

cream pug

Cream pugs love to eat anything, so try to give it fresh vegetables as a reward during training. Using vegetables as rewards not only maintains motivation for training, but also helps your dog’s health.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图4

Keep your cream pug’s food in a dog-proof container so that it can’t eat it. Otherwise, it will find a way to get the container open and sweep up the food.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图5

Because cream pugs are prone to respiratory problems, you must make sure that your dog maintains a slim body type. The heavier the weight, the higher the body’s need for oxygen, and the more pressure is put on the lungs, trachea and larynx, so the more difficult it will be for the dog to breathe!

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图6

Did you know that many cream pugs suffer from flatulence? Because cream pugs have a defective respiratory system, they are more prone to bloat than other types of dogs. When breathing is poor, the air that cream pugs inhale goes into their stomachs and intestines, then through their digestive tracts, and finally out in the form of farts.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图7

The gas that cream pugs expel when they have flatulence is very unpleasant, so it’s necessary for you to have some air fresheners or room sprays lying around the house.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图8

Train Your Cream pug

You will encounter some challenges in training a cream pug dog. Cream pugs are somewhat difficult to train because they are strong-willed and don’t just goof off and do whatever they are told. They even claim to be smart because once they know what they want they will go forward, regardless of your opinion. This doesn’t mean you should give up on training, but you must be absolutely patient and be prepared for a long training battle with them.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图9

Familiarize yourself with training techniques recommended by experts, such as reward training. Let your dog know that there will be a reward for good behavior before you start training, and then encourage your dog to train seriously. This method will give you the best results.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图10

Set rules and enforce them firmly. If you don’t allow your cream pug to jump on the furniture, then all members of the household must follow this rule under all circumstances, even on Sundays. When commands are inconsistent, cream pugs will choose their favorite command, making training more difficult.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图11

You need to be extra patient when potty training your cream pug. Anyone who owns a dog knows that cream pugs are much harder to deal with than other breeds when it comes to potty training. Crate training and the use of positive reinforcement may shorten the potty-training time.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图12

Basic Methods of Caring for a Cream pug

Give your dog regular, low-intensity exercise. Because cream pugs are prone to respiratory problems, if you plan to take them out for long walks, it’s important that the walks are at a steady pace so that they don’t become short of breath. Cream pugs are not suited for long periods of intense activity, such as constantly chasing after other dogs, because they will play until they are so high that they have absolutely no time to rest or catch their breath.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图13

That said, you can still play throw and fetch with your cream pug, but you have to be careful. As soon as you notice that your dog is losing energy and breathing, stop and let him rest.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图14

Cream pugs are outgoing and love to go outdoors to play. Being outdoors satisfies their curiosity.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图15


Licensed veterinarian Pippa Elliott advises, “Cream pugs have a particularly hard time in hot weather. This is because their adorably flat faces mean that this dog must breathe by panting. Hot weather can make it harder to pant to dissipate heat, making cream pugs more susceptible to heat stroke.”

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图16

Play with your cream pug. You can weave in and out of furniture, running from this corner to that, and letting your cream pug chase you all over the house. Stop suddenly on the way to escape, switch roles with the cream pug and start running after it. This game is old-school, but full of fun and will keep your pooch entertained.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图17

Always arrange for your dog to play with other dogs. If they always stay with their owners, cream pugs will forget that there are other creatures in the world – dogs need to be socialized too.

Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1插图18

Spend more time playing with your cream pug. Cream pugs were first bred to be companions, which means they like to be around their owners at all times. They are sometimes as clingy as chewing gum and follow you like a shadow at all times, so you better be prepared.

Black and Brown Pug: Reasons Why Few People Keep Them and Hair Loss

Pugs are known for their good temperament, whether it is to the elderly, or small children are very good, tolerance is very high, and do not hold grudges, has always been loved by the people, but why is it that the black and brown pugs are less people to raise?

Reasons why black and brown pugs are rarely kept

Feeling unattractive

Black and brown pug is the representative of the ugly, many people feel that the pug face wrinkles so much ugly, feel not good, black, then even more needless to say, would have felt it is not good-looking, but also the black is not good, then feel even more unattractive, choose other breeds of dogs to raise it.

black and brown pug

Feeling difficult to live

We all know that black things are more heat-absorbing, so to speak, black and brown pug in the summer is more prone to heatstroke, pug itself is very afraid of heat dogs, and the nasal cavity is a relatively short dog, a little bit of what the big action may not breathe on the asphyxiation, so people will feel that this is not to choose to raise pug. In fact, as long as the care of the good pugs can be very good Oh !

black and brown pug


A netizen’s home from the past has raised a lot of dogs, what color fur of the dog have raised, are raised okay, only the black and brown pug to raise less than how much there will be a variety of accidents to let them lose their lives. It is said that the netizen raised did not raise much on the death of the black and brown pug added up to more than five, and other colors of the dog are alive and well, so you think there is such a superstition?

black and brown pug

Serious hair loss

Don’t look at the pug is a short-haired dog, in fact, it will also lose hair, there are a lot of pet owners are very annoyed with their own dog hair loss, generally will be biased in favor of dogs that do not lose hair, it is recommended to raise pug pet owners must pay attention to the dog’s diet light and salt absorption, especially do not feed some of the dog food containing high salt oil, will aggravate the dog’s hair loss situation as well as the tear stains. It is recommended to prioritize the selection of low-salt ingredients, nutritionally balanced natural food, effectively reducing hair loss and tear stains! In addition to dog food can also feed some fruits and vegetables!

black and brown pug

Easily Stolen

Black and brown pugs are well-proportioned, but also a little clumsy, take out will always be striking, it is easy to be thieves stared at, there is a saying: not afraid of thieves to steal for fear of thieves, so have a black and brown pug but also worry about being stolen by thieves. So the people who keep Pugs will be greatly reduced. In fact, as long as the daily strong training, enhance their own awareness, go out with a good leash, the dog will not be so lost or stolen, the training can be combined with some small snacks chicken jerky, have to eat the efficiency will be higher.

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What are the causes of hair loss in Pugs?

There are many reasons that cause pugs to lose hair, such as dog owners combing the pugs more frequently, bathing the pugs more diligently, dog owners keeping the pugs in captivity in a place where they can’t touch the sunlight, and using human body wash or shampoo for the pugs when they are bathing.

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All of the above factors can lead to hair loss of Pugs, so the pooper scooper should try to avoid this kind of situation in daily life, so as to effectively avoid the phenomenon of hair loss of Pugs.

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Pugs will also lose hair during the change of seasons, but this is within the normal range, usually in the spring and fall. During this season, dog owners should help it comb its hair, increase the frequency of bathing appropriately, and clean up the floating hair on the dog’s body. In addition, endocrine disorders can also lead to pug hair loss, this time the dog owner can adjust the diet appropriately, if the dog food is the main, then you have to add additional nutrients to the supplement, do not feed the dog high fat content, high salt food, appropriate to give it some multivitamins to supplement the micronutrients.

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Methods of preventing hair loss in pugs

The best way to effectively prevent the number of pet hair loss is to constantly comb their hair, combing for the dog to choose the comb suitable for the characteristics of the dog’s hair, so the shoveler needs to choose the comb suitable for the pug’s hair, if you don’t know how to choose the right comb, you can appropriately ask the owner of the pet store, tell your needs, let the owner of the pet store recommend the right comb to you.

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Shoveler can appropriately increase the frequency of combing according to the situation of hair loss of your own dog. In general, long-haired dogs and cats need to be combed once a day, and it is recommended to comb them once a week if they have short hair.

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The dog owner should also take the dog out to sunbathe appropriately when he has time, and the natural environment such as sunlight and temperature can effectively promote the growth of pug hair.

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Pay attention to prevent skin disease

If the dog, in addition to hair loss, also found that there are obvious bumps on the skin, red spots, blisters, dandruff and other symptoms, then the dog may have eczema or dermatophytosis and other skin diseases, which is usually caused by parasites or fungal and bacterial infections. Hair loss caused by skin disease is usually localized lumpy hair loss, which is relatively easy to distinguish, and the Pug is easy to observe as a short-haired dog.

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Found that the dog appeared skin symptoms caused by hair loss must be timely to the dog treatment, it is recommended to use skin Noon skin spray anti-inflammatory antibacterial, to avoid the spread of lesions, causing more serious hair loss and dermatitis conditions, some dermatophytosis and other hair loss caused by improper treatment, the follow-up is very likely to not be easy to grow hair, resulting in localized permanent baldness Oh!