Do Fluffy French Bulldogs Lose Hair Badly?

Do Furry French Bulldogs Lose Their Hair, We humans lose a certain amount of hair every day, and dogs are just like humans in that they also lose their hair. It’s just that the fur of the shaggy French Bulldog is shorter and not as noticeable as other long-haired dogs that lose their hair. So, what’s the truth, really? Let’s find out if French Bulldogs shed their hair.

Do Fluffy French Bulldogs Lose Hair?

The shaggy French Bulldog is just like any other pet dog, it’s not that the shaggy French Bulldog doesn’t shed if its hair is so short and sparse. There are many reasons that affect its hair loss. If you find that your Fluffy French Bulldog is losing its hair, parents should first determine the main cause of the Fluffy French Bulldog’s hair loss, and then address it in a targeted manner. A three-pronged approach of diet, care, and treatment will alleviate hair loss in your furry French Bulldog puppy and promote healthy new hair growth.

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Causes of Hair Loss in Furry French Bulldogs

Problems with bathing

Bulldogs are bathed too often. It is more reasonable for a normal dog to be bathed once every 7-10 days in the winter and once every 7 days in the summer.

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If you give your furry French Bulldog a particularly frequent bath in normal times, or if you give it a body wash used by people or an unqualified body wash, you are hurting its skin, which will also increase the amount of hair loss in your furry French Bulldog.

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Food that is too salty

A furry French Bulldog that loses its hair badly can also be prone to hair loss because the food it usually eats is too salty, and when it ingests too much salt, its body has difficulty in affording food that is too salty. Don’t give it salty food, focus on dog food, fruits, yogurt, egg yolks and vegetables.

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To alleviate the hair loss problem of your furry French Bulldog, it is recommended to keep its diet light and choose a dog food that is low in salt and light and has more balanced ingredients as its staple food.

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Seasonal Hair Loss

Seasonal hair loss is the first thing that can happen to a furry French Bulldog. In order to adapt to the temperature, furry French Bulldogs will change their hair in certain seasons, which is a normal phenomenon that pet owners don’t need to worry too much about.

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As long as you give your furry French Bulldog timely nutritional supplements you can avoid very serious hair fall, and you should also comb your furry French Bulldog more often on a daily basis, which can promote metabolism, relieve hair fall, and also collect the floating hair that falls off.

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One of the reasons why a furry French Bulldog shed a lot of hair is due to an infestation of fleas or skin mites. When fleas bite, their saliva causes an immune response in the furry French Bulldog. Furry French Bulldogs that are allergic to flea saliva will have a reaction accompanied by intense itching and skin inflammation. Furry French Bulldogs often suffer from hair loss, sores and infections from licking, scratching and gnawing at the skin.

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There are also mites that can cause your furry French Bulldog to be very itchy, which can cause sores, scabs and patches of hair loss. Regular deworming of your furry French Bulldog is recommended once a month for external deworming and every three months for internal deworming.

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Special Times

The heavy hair loss of the Fluffy French Bulldog may also be due to special periods, such as the fertile and lactating period of the Fluffy French Bulldog, which can lead to nutritional hair loss due to the loss of a lot of nutrients from the body.

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At special times, pet owners should pay attention to give the furry French bulldog more nutrition, you can feed it pet goat milk powder to help it supplement nutrition and enhance its physical condition.

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Skin disease

Improper use of shampoo, due to the acidic surface of human skin, human shampoo is alkaline, while the dog’s skin is neutral, long-term use of human shampoo is not conducive to the protection of the dog’s skin.

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Before weekly bathing, add the medicine to remove skin diseases in water and soak for 20 minutes (based on the dispensed medicine in the pet hospital), and then bathe with the bath solution. Be sure to blow-dry, or you will be prone to skin diseases.

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In summer, when the temperature is high, it is best for dogs to stay in air-conditioned rooms to prevent mosquito bites, otherwise they are also prone to skin diseases. After walking every day, promptly wipe the whole body with a semi-dry damp cloth to remove grass clippings, mud scum and dust.

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When the bulldogs lose their hair, the dog owner should take the trouble to pay attention to environmental hygiene and not let the dog hair fly all over the sky.

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How to deal with hair loss in furry French Bulldogs

Because of the normal physiological hair loss caused by the change of climate seasons, which can not be changed, of course, this is also a normal phenomenon. Parents do not have to worry too much about this. During this shedding process, parents just need to increase the number of times a day for the furry French Bulldog to comb the fur, massage the skin, to ensure that it has a healthy diet and rest can be. For example, preparing more high-protein and high-vitamin foods for your furry French Bulldog puppy can be very helpful in restoring the growth of his coat and keeping his skin healthy.

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Don’t bathe your furry French Bulldog puppy frequently. Many parents like to bathe their furry and fluffy French Bulldogs in three days. In fact, this is a kind of damage to the fur of the furry French bulldog, and it is more likely to have skin disease hair loss. For this reason, it is vital to have a reasonable bathing time for Bulldogs. In the summer 7-10 days to take a bath once, winter will be appropriate to extend to 20-30 days to take a bath once are possible.

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The furry French Bulldog has a very short coat, which is reasonably easy to take care of. But the shoveler who has owned a furry French bulldog dog knows that the furry French bulldog’s hair fall is very strong, may touch it a little bit, can catch a handful of hair.

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