French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm

The French bulldog spotted refers to a regular French Bulldog breed that has a coat pattern with random stripes or dots in the base color of the coat. Often, these markings are only slightly different from the shade of the coat color, but sometimes they are as obvious as black stripes on a white coat.

The Brindle Frenchie is a common bulldog, but has the beautiful, rare coat that is the breed’s signature trait.

Where did this mottled color come from

Say hello to the gene game here, too! This attractive coat is the result of a recessive gene at the K locus. As general information, there are 3 types of K-locus genes: K-dominant, K-mottled, and non-slip black. It is these 3 genes that result in the different types of spotted bulldogs.

french bulldog spotted

To have a spotted coat, a puppy must have a recessive k gene from both parents. This is rare in Bulldogs, so “crossbreeding” is very unlikely. Some have only a few colored feathers, while others get black spots and stripes based on the genetic pairing of their parents.

french bulldog spotted

Striped French Bulldog Coat Types

Let’s take a look at the color and markings of the feathers, which are the most distinctive features of the species.

Fawn Spotted

Fawn Frenchie is yellowish brown and can have different shades: brown, rust, gray. They have uniformly colored coats, but some Fawn Bulldogs have dark colors on their heads, especially around the nose and head.

french bulldog spotted

The coat has a black or brown undercoat that is more prominent on the upper part of the body. Many dog owners are more likely to find and adopt this color. This lovely chatter of contrasting beauty excites you and provides fun entertainment for children.

french bulldog spotted

Blue Brindle

Possibly the most distinctive shade in French Bulldogs, the blue French bulldog spotted is as exotic as a black Maine Coon. This is a result of a recessive black dilution gene. Blue Frenchman have shades between black and dark blue, with lighter blue tones in the ears and head. Small markings may appear on the top of the head and chest or back. They have yellow, blue or gray eyes.

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Black Spotted

It can look like a very dangerous color on a dog. Generally, black dogs are either guard dogs or search dogs. But there is absolutely no sign of war in a black French Bulldog. Black Spotted Bulldogs can have light coat color stripes ranging from very light browns and whites (or even nonexistent) to browns and rusts. Some will have a constant mottled pattern throughout the black coat. However, the AKC does not accept this color.

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Chocolate mottled

This is another lovely color, but like the blue French Bulldog, it’s hard to find. However, there are many variations of mottled chocolate. It is hard to find an all-chocolate colored Frenchie. They have a brown coat with light cream stripes and can be pink or brown around the ears and eyes, just like the cream-colored Frenchie.

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They have green, blue, yellow or brown eyes. The reason for their shortage is that they require two copies of a recessive gene, each from their parents, which is quite difficult. These types display colors ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

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Tiger Stripes

The heavy markings are called “tiger stripes” and resemble the fur of a tiger (with stripes all over the body). The predominant coat color of the Tiger Stripe French Bulldog is light brown with gray and black stripes. 6.

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Spotted Stripe

Also known as “splotches”, these are predominantly white coats with large black spots covering different parts of the body. They are usually found around the eyes and ears, on the back and under the neck.

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Reverse Mottling

This refers to Frenchman that have light brown or cream coats with heavy black or brown stripes that darken the overall color of the coat. You will not find this type easily.

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Caring for the French bulldog spotted

Luckily, the French bulldog spotted is no different than the regular French Bulldog. Due to their heavy chests, they can’t swim, so they should never be left alone near a pool, beach, or any body of water.

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French bulldog spotted especially love to explore and run around. Therefore, you need to crate train them so they don’t make a mess of the house when you’re not around. Since they can’t jump very high, installing dog safety gates is a very smart way to keep them away from your valuables. For example, toy trays and food storage cabinets or parts of the house such as the kitchen, stairs, etc.

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Health Problems Associated with French bulldog spotted

Because the French bulldog spotted is flat-faced, it has difficulty breathing and requires constant care in hot or humid environments. Many people are skeptical about bringing these rare French Bulldogs into their homes as pets as part of the various misguided and unjustified health issues people associate with them.

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Not to worry, the French bulldog spotted is just as healthy as the regular French Bulldog. The only problem is the color blue, which appears in blue spotted French.

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Health Problems with Blue French bulldog spotteds

One of the most common health problems associated with these dogs is the color blue. This occurs in blue French Bulldogs, and as mentioned earlier, it is very rare. They are prone to color-dilution alopecia, a genetic condition that affects the distribution of pigment in the coat. The portion of the hair that receives this uneven color weakens and begins to show signs of hair growth and breakage.

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There is no known cure for this health problem, but you can be careful not to use rough grooming materials. Use brushes instead and take them to your veterinarian at the onset of the disease to avoid skin infections.

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Grooming Needs of Brindle French Bulldogs

French bulldog spotteds don’t cause as much of a hair loss problem for their owners because they keep their hair short.

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You can easily save grooming for the weekends as it is only needed once a week. Use pet grooming gloves as they not only smooth the coat and remove shedding hair, but also give your pet a good massage. Additionally, nails must be trimmed once a month or they will curl and cause discomfort.

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Now, the secret to getting your French bulldog spotted to cooperate with you during nail clipping is to give him tons of praise and hospitality. Regularity in the routine is another helpful factor. Also, use automatic, pain-free dog nail clippers instead of trimming it manually.

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It’s okay to bathe your beloved pet once a month. They don’t pose that much of a threat to the bathroom. If you can’t calm down during the bath, you can use licking pads.

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Exercise Needs of the French bulldog spotted

The French bulldog spotted does not need a lot of exercise. A short walk every day is enough because their breasts are heavy and they need to work on their weight control regularly. But be careful because their flat faces can make it hard for them to breathe in hot weather.

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Your adorable little short-legged spotted Frenchman only needs to perform simple exercise routines such as catching a ball or chasing a hanging object. Getting him a jumbo ball will suffice.

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