Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler

The worlds biggest Rottweiler, a native German man, has the reputation of the world’s top riot dog, with all the canines in the strongest bite force, can reach the horror of 150 kilograms, enough to easily gnaw off the general bones of hard objects. Red and black coat color, black as iron, red as blood, naive with a strong deterrent.

The unique charm of the worlds biggest Rottweiler

Not a picky eater, strong body

As a guard dog, the worlds biggest Rottweiler has a strong body, and it is not picky about food and not easy to get sick. In addition, the worlds biggest Rottweiler’s stamina is good and it is resistant to beatings, so it can fight back quickly when it meets bad people, and it can do the job of a guard dog very well.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Powerful looks

The worlds biggest Rottweiler’s powerful looks are very intimidating and can scare off a lot of people. Followed by a Rottweiler, ordinary thieves and robbers are afraid to approach, can be said to be very secure.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Loyal and gentle

Rottweiler is a very loyal dog, in the owner in distress, will bravely come out to protect the owner, will never retreat half a step! Treat the family very meek, like to protect the form of the owner to follow the owner around, how can such a dog not love it.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Smart and obedient

Rottweiler is very smart, IQ is ranked ninth in the list of dogs. So don’t look at the Rottweiler looks naive, people’s IQ can be high. The Rottweiler has a high level of obedience and will obey the owner’s commands to the letter. But this also needs the owner of the Rottweiler to carry out systematic training, in order to achieve such an effect. In the training completed can be appropriate to reward some chicken jerky, duck jerky and other snacks, after all, the combination of rewards and punishments will make the training effect is even better oh.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Fighting power

Rottweiler has a strong fighting ability, and its bite is in the top three of the canine ranking, and some people say it is ranked first. For the pursuit of dog guardianship and fighting strength of the pet owners, it is impossible to refuse the temptation.

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Because of this the Rottweiler is banned in many cities, and pet owners who have one should also socialize the Rottweiler more and not let it become very aggressive.

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The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler at the Top of the World

The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler: Mambo

Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, a very famous worlds biggest Rottweiler breeder, is often referred to as “Mambo Jr.” by domestic enthusiasts.

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Mambo’s father was named “Rick” (German Club Champion, World Junior Champion), a worlds biggest Rottweiler with a genetically excellent conformation that is well known throughout the world. Mambo’s mother’s side of the pedigree comes from East Germany.

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Mr. Hurtmart, judge of the German Rottweiler Club, had this to say about this worlds biggest Rottweiler:

Well-defined head, dark brown eyes, short strong muzzle, compact, sturdy body, deep, broad chest, well-proportioned body structure, black and shiny coat, intelligent and extremely stable character. It was this jaw-dropping Rottweiler that successfully lifted the 2002 European Male Group, Rottweiler Club, the German Canine Science Association, the International Championship Landing and a host of other championship trophies.

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The Mambo is a perennial favorite in German show competition and there is no denying it, as it is very easy to describe him in two words – “beautiful”.

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This is a typical show version of the Rottweiler, not as grand as the traditional Rottweiler looks. The small family is certainly no match for a gaijin, but it’s something else. I have to admit that he is a superb male dog that stands at the top of the recent Rottweiler history!

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Why do most Rottweiler lovers around the world love the Little Mambo so much? Undoubtedly his beautiful front page, structure, and numerous race rewards have left many reasons to love him. But strictly speaking, it’s not enough for a true breeder to be good in his own right, stable genetics are a must for determining whether or not this male will be as stellar as the stars!

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So next we’ll take a look at those offspring of Mambo, who stands 63 cm tall at the shoulder and weighs 90 pounds! And then you will naturally know the real reason why Mambo makes everyone’s jaw drop.

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The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler: Mambo’s offspring

The offspring of Mambo Jr. need not be introduced. Many of them are very familiar to everyone.

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Amigo vom Schwaiger Wappen, shoulder height 64 cm weight 48 kg is currently in Fuzhou, China. He passed the highest Korung test Eza and has been rated V several times. In terms of breeding, he is one of the “half-dozen” breeders in Germany.

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Arkon vom Hause Zillas is a famous worlds biggest Rottweiler breeder in Australia and one of the little Mambo offspring that Chinese enthusiasts know and love. His mother was a Danish police dog and many of his offspring have traveled the world.

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Danjo von der Tonberger Hohe, born June 14, 2006, is a Rottweiler. He is 63cm tall at the shoulder and weighs 50KG. He has passed the obedience behavior test, the endurance test and the working dog multi-directional test level 3. Sire Mambo Guard 3, passed endurance test, obedience behavior test, tracking test 2. ZTP. mother Iris Guard 1, passed obedience behavior test.

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Cliff von der Raspeburg also has a very high breeding record in Germany and has been rated V in showmanship competitions several times. Cliff’s mother is a daughter of the great Velcro. Many of you may have seen Cliff’s classic front-page photo below!

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Elvis von der Mühlbachstrasse is currently a hot star amongst the top tier of German breeders, and is one of the few taller Little Mambo offspring! (Shoulder height 67cm weight 53kg). He is still very highly bred and his dams are from Akino and Balou.

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Ex vom Gruntenblick is out of the famous Gruntenblick breed and his mother is a daughter of “Norris”. He also has many V1 and V ratings and is a very nice male!

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Leroy van Haysherak, a Rottweiler who is well known in Italy and has been rated V several times on the German circuit!

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After looking at Mambo’s offspring, does it seem like his genetics are pretty strong? Not only that, but many of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren are still active in the current racing scene, and most of them still retain Mambo’s small ears and high ear position, as well as his beautiful frontal segment!

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