Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians

The Longhaired Dalmatian is a Croatian hunting dog breed whose ancestry dates back to the late Middle Ages. In the past, it was often seen around horse-drawn carriages, and in the 20th century it became a very popular companion dog. The Longhair Dalmatian is covered in short white hair dotted with black patches that are not fully visible as a puppy, but become more pronounced as the puppy grows older, a characteristic unique to the breed.

Advantages of the Longhaired Dalmatian

Longhaired Dalmatians are very intelligent and creative. They love sports and prefer regular exercise. Dalmatians are active and playful, but also have a very calm and alert side. They are active, love to learn, and sometimes exhibit protective behavior, which requires owners to understand and empathize with them and educate them with purposeful firmness. They are good at diplomacy, both with people and other pets. They can handle each other well. The Dalmatian is an extremely hardy pet, good at running and exercising, with a steady, quiet and dignified temperament hidden in a lively and spirited personality. Because Dalmatians love to be active

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Disadvantages of the Long-haired Dalmatian


Long-haired Dalmatians are actually banned in many countries and cities. The whole reason is that they are extremely unstable dogs, and if you are not careful, it is easy for them to hurt people. That’s why the spotted dog unfortunately meets the banning conditions in many areas, so even if many people like this breed, but it is banned and there is no way to keep it. In fact, the long-haired Dalmatian’s unstable personality can be changed by severe training from a young age.

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Emotional instability

Most of the Longhair Dalmatians living abroad are kept in farms or homesteads where they have a wide range of activities, so it is rare for them to experience the restlessness and fear caused by being overwhelmed by space. But in the city, we live in the suite for them is too narrow, because of limited space, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the long-haired Dalmatian like to play in a wide environment, so it is inevitable that the long-haired Dalmatian’s mood will become very unstable.

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Too much energy

Long-haired Dalmatians themselves are a kind of hunting dog, and their demand for exercise and energy is just too much. Unless the dog owner’s home can have enough range of motion for them to run freely, if they live in the city, no matter it is windy or rainy, the dog owner must take them out for at least 1-2 hours of exercise. And in modern life, dog owners don’t get to use their free time and physical energy to take their dogs for exercise every day. That’s why many people choose to give up breeding long-haired Dalmatians after the initial understanding.

long  haired dalmatian breeder

Long haired dalmatian breeder Maintaining the Health of Their Dogs

The Longhair Dalmatian is a larger individual, and as it was originally a dragging and hunting dog, it is more active and therefore consumes more food, so Longhair Dalmatian breeders should give them more provisions than other breeds.

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Long haired dalmatian breeder should prepare a daily diet containing about 500 grams of meat products with an equal number of cookies or cooked dry veggie ingredients. The meat should be cooked, chopped, mixed with the dry veggie material, blended with an appropriate amount of water and fed. The feed must be fresh and clean, and the feeding utensils should be washed and sterilized frequently.

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Long haired dalmatian breeder should feed at regular intervals, limiting them to eating in 15-25 minutes, and then collecting the remaining food and eating utensils together, forcing them to develop the good habit of taking food at regular intervals.

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Long haired dalmatian breeder should also feed them clean water 2-3 times a day. The Longhaired Dalmatian is an energetic and active dog and should be taken out for a walk or run around the yard every day.

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After each exercise, the Longhaired Dalmatian breeder should comb its coat with a brush to remove the dirt and grime stuck on the hair, and then wipe their coat with a velvet or soft towel for a while to keep it shiny and beautiful. You should also bathe them regularly, every 10-15 days in cool weather and every 3-5 days in hot weather.

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Every 3-5 days, the long-haired Dalmatian breeder should remove ear wax, teeth scale and clean its eyes with 2% boric acid water (using degreased sterilized cotton dipped in this water) to prevent eye diseases such as keratitis. They should also have their claws trimmed regularly.

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Long-haired Dalmatian dog breeders usually need to teach and train them, so that they develop the habit of not using their claws to tear clothes, curtains and sofa cloth, and develop the habit of listening to the master’s command and love of cleanliness and hygiene, especially the habit of defecating in a fixed place, and not to defecate in any place.

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In the breeding, long haired dalmatian breeder should pay attention to observe its diet, behavior and other manifestations and state, once found sick should be treated immediately.

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Longhaired Dalmatian Training Methods

Mechanical stimulation training method is a more effective way to train Dalmatian, it is the training method that the trainer adopts certain mechanical means to force the dog to make movements. For example, when training the subject of “sit”, the trainer issues the command “sit” and at the same time presses the dog’s back and buttocks with his left hand, and when the dog is stimulated by the pressure and makes a sitting action, he will immediately give a reward.

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Mechanical stimulation can not only cause the dog’s basic movements, but also enhance the role of conditioned stimulation. Here we remind you, for example, in the training of articulation subjects, when the dog has the performance of automatically spitting out objects, repeat the command “articulation”, combined with a light blow or gently resting on the dog’s palate, after this combination of many times, you can make the command “articulation” further support and form a solid conditioned reflex. This will further support the command to “hold” and form a consolidated conditioned reflex.

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