Canine Comedians: Exploring the Playful and Funny Dog

In recent years more and more people like to have pets, outside to see the lovely animals cannot even walk on the road, people say that animals are man’s best friend, people as an emotionally advanced animals, sometimes will need to vent their emotions, and animals are often the best listeners, now the most common animals are cats and dogs, and dogs are more pleasing to some people. Dogs can maintain a happy mood, because the funny dog is like a child, often can make people laugh, at the same time the dog can also let us unreservedly confide in some of the secrets of the people did not have the means to speak to the funny dog can be said, in front of the funny dog can be relaxed to do back to the most real themselves.

Funny Dog: Dog being touched on the head

People often touch the dog’s head, but do you know what this behavior means in the dog’s heart? People who have a funny dog at home know that the dog is very like to be touched, every time the dog is touched, will close his eyes to show a very enjoyable expression, be gentle touching the head will be able to make the dog’s mood become very relaxed, this touching the head of the behavior in the eyes of the dog is a way to express love.

Dogs unconditionally trust the master is willing to be master touch head, but for the dog, its head can only be very familiar with the people can touch, the dog is very wary of strangers, if he is not familiar with you will not let you touch its head.

Dogs are very hostile to strangers, if you meet a stray dog on the street, do not touch its head directly, this action will make it think you want to attack him it, the best way is to bring some dog food to him, get along with it for a period of time so that it is familiar with your scent, know that you do not have any hostility to it, he will rest assured that you will touch its head!

funny dogs

Funny Dog: Explanation of Dogs’ Expressions

Dogs looking straight at each other with their eyes wide open are saying, “I’m going to attack.” But gently gazing at a favorite person (pooper scooper, etc.) is a sign of intimacy. Dogs look away to avoid looking at each other. Dogs don’t like to be confronted or stared at in the first place. Averting their eyes is a message of uneasiness and obedience, meaning, “I’m not trying to attack.” A funny dog that blinks constantly is avoiding an aggressive attitude and showing that he is not hostile. It is tempting to look away, so blinking is used instead.

The dog’s ears are upright and relaxed, and his mouth is closed. Indicates a happy, relaxed and leisurely mood, with nothing around that must be guarded, in a state of peace and quiet. Dog with ears tilted slightly forward, mouth slightly open, expression of being attracted to something nearby: “What’s that?” . The dog’s ears are pressed back and its mouth is slightly open, indicating a goodwill message such as “Hello, let’s play”. Mostly when you meet a favorite person or a dog friend, and sometimes you may blink your eyes.

funny dogs

Funny Dog: Companionship in life

As a responsible dog owner, you must take your funny dog out for exercise every day. At the same time, the owner can also exercise and breathe fresh air. Proper outdoor exercise can effectively improve physical and mental health. Meeting other dogs on the road allows for friendly socialization and improved community interaction. Dogs are our loyal companions, and they are always by their owners’ side, making them feel needed and loved. Especially for people living alone and the elderly, dogs are great companion animals. Wherever they are, there will be no “loneliness”.

Dogs can help reduce anxiety and bring comfort to their owners. In addition to accompanying their owners to go out and exercise, dogs are naturally carefree and active, which can be infected with their owners and reduce their stress. Some studies have shown that the positive effect of dogs on the mood of their owners can be confirmed by blood tests. In fact, spending time with a dog can greatly reduce the level of stress hormones and ease human tension.

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Funny Dog: Dogs bring joy to our lives

The reason why modern people can feel less and less happy is because of stress, which can be caused by problems in life. A person with too much stress will be very tired, cannot find a release gap in fact, there are a number of physical and mental detrimental to the person.

This also involves the reason why so many people have a funny dog, I think one of the reasons is that the dog can release the pressure of the person, and the dog can be very easy to get along with, in the process of petting and playing unconsciously will be worrying about the back of the mind, which is actually in the release of pressure. So, when a person’s pressure can find a place to release, then it will slowly feel the joy of the surrounding things, people can also slowly become happy.

funny dogs

Many owners will simply train their dogs to learn new skills when they are with them on a daily basis, such as learning to fetch a ball, shaking hands and interacting with each other, and all of these little bits of progress will make the owner proud. In the eyes of the owner, the dog’s changes are worth recording and proud of.

Your short ten years, is its long life.

It is your pet, but you are its world.

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