Retro Pug: Breed Differences and Similarities to Beagles Part 2


Walking around the neighborhood and playing outside are ideal forms of exercise for both breeds. The energy levels of these two breeds are most notably different. Beagles want to take advantage of every opportunity to exercise, whereas Retro pugs are more inclined to stay put unless their friends are walking around as well.

retro pug

An hour of daily physical activity is optimal for the beagle. If you can manage it, it’s best to walk multiple times a day. Make sure your beagle has a comfortable harness to make their walks as pleasant as possible.

retro pug

Regardless of the time you give your beagle to be active, it is necessary that your puppy not be left alone. They are pack animals, which means they need the other members of the pack (i.e., you and any members of your family) to be with them. Left alone, a beagle can and will act in ways you must not like – like tearing up your yard looking for a good scent.

retro pug

Retro pugs have a lower need for exercise, although they must get enough of it. This need is essential because they tend to the ability to become obese quickly. To keep your Pug healthy, all you need to do is take a walk around the neighborhood or play in the backyard. We also recommend harness training for your retro pug. Retro pugs need adjustable harnesses Good for walks because of their irregular size.

retro pug

Retro pugs love attention. If you turn your attention outside, they are sure to follow. However, beware of hot and cold days. Extreme temperatures can be harmful to retro pugs, especially high temperatures, and they tend to overheat.

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Be prepared to spend a lot of time training your beagle or retro pug, as they like to do things their own way.

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Neither breed is easy to train. They are very determined to do things their way, so be prepared for a long learning curve with either of these dogs. In fact, beagles can take up to a year to be properly house trained. Crate and obedience training is a must for both breeds. If you are a new pet parent, you may want to consider fully embracing the easier-to-train puppy.

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If you plan to crate train, make sure you purchase a properly sized crate. Beagles will grow into small to medium sized dogs, while retro pugs will remain small in stature. This means you should plan for a crate that is 30 inches long for beagles, and 24 inches long for retro pugs.

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Of course, if you are willing and able to train either breed, that would be great. You’ll notice that the two diverge in one key respect here. While they both love food, you’re better off saving the beagle for food-based rewards.

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Retro pugs should not be fed too often due to the risk of overeating and subsequent associated health problems. However, you should not overindulge your beagle either. Keep track of the food your dog eats during training and during meals.

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The good news here is that both dogs can live long, healthy lives if cared for properly. The bad news is that each breed is prone to a variety of diseases and health conditions due to their breeding history. One disease they are both at risk for is epilepsy. While epileptic dogs can still lead healthy lives, if they have a seizure, you must take your dog to the vet.

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There is a neurological condition that only appears in retro pugs called Pug encephalitis. Like epilepsy, it causes seizures, but it can also cause blindness and eventually death. Unfortunately, this disease can only be diagnosed postmortem: there is no way to test for it in a living retro pug.

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Meanwhile, a condition unique to beagles is Chinese Beagle Syndrome, also known as Musladin-Lueke Syndrome, in which the skull is located wider than typical and the eyes are slanted. While beagles with this syndrome can live normal lives, they may also have problems with their hearts and toes.

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This part is relatively simple, as both dogs prefer the same type of food. Both breeds do well on dry coarse ground food. Typically, one should feed a Beagle 1-1.5 cups of dry dog food per day, while a Retro pug only needs about one cup. Either way, this amount should be split between two meals per day.

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However, these are just guidelines. Always consider your dog’s health and needs when feeding them. Keep track of how much food they eat, as both breeds are at risk for obesity. Be aware of allergies too: you’ll hate it when your dog has an adverse reaction. If you are unsure of your dog’s specific needs, make sure you talk to your veterinarian.

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Anyone looking to get a dog needs to consider their dog’s grooming needs. One of the first things that comes to mind here is shedding. Despite having similar coats, each breed sheds differently. Beagles are moderate shedders, and retro pugs shed a ton. You need to brush any breed at least once a week, possibly more often, depending on your dog’s individual needs.

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However, bathing may be less frequent, about once a month. When you bathe your Beagle, make sure the water doesn’t get into his ears as this can lead to infection. One thing to remember is that retro pugs need routine facial cleaning. Due to the folds in the skin, bacteria are more easily trapped. It’s important to clean underneath these folds to avoid the risk of infection.

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Puppy Prices

Both dogs are in the same price range: they are about $1,000 and up for a purebred puppy. Trustworthy breeders will charge more for their pups; while it’s true that prices are sometimes below average, anything too low is a sign of an irresponsible breeder. If you want to avoid breeders altogether, try adopting your next furry friend!

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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve established that they are both such lovely breeds, each with their own unique traits that make them the perfect addition to the family.

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The significant difference between these two breeds is their energy levels. Beagles can be great if you want to be active with someone, while retro pugs are delightful for those who want to relax and enjoy a quiet evening. All in all, whoever you choose is sure to have a friend for life.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm

The French bulldog spotted refers to a regular French Bulldog breed that has a coat pattern with random stripes or dots in the base color of the coat. Often, these markings are only slightly different from the shade of the coat color, but sometimes they are as obvious as black stripes on a white coat.

The Brindle Frenchie is a common bulldog, but has the beautiful, rare coat that is the breed’s signature trait.

Where did this mottled color come from

Say hello to the gene game here, too! This attractive coat is the result of a recessive gene at the K locus. As general information, there are 3 types of K-locus genes: K-dominant, K-mottled, and non-slip black. It is these 3 genes that result in the different types of spotted bulldogs.

french bulldog spotted

To have a spotted coat, a puppy must have a recessive k gene from both parents. This is rare in Bulldogs, so “crossbreeding” is very unlikely. Some have only a few colored feathers, while others get black spots and stripes based on the genetic pairing of their parents.

french bulldog spotted

Striped French Bulldog Coat Types

Let’s take a look at the color and markings of the feathers, which are the most distinctive features of the species.

Fawn Spotted

Fawn Frenchie is yellowish brown and can have different shades: brown, rust, gray. They have uniformly colored coats, but some Fawn Bulldogs have dark colors on their heads, especially around the nose and head.

french bulldog spotted

The coat has a black or brown undercoat that is more prominent on the upper part of the body. Many dog owners are more likely to find and adopt this color. This lovely chatter of contrasting beauty excites you and provides fun entertainment for children.

french bulldog spotted

Blue Brindle

Possibly the most distinctive shade in French Bulldogs, the blue French bulldog spotted is as exotic as a black Maine Coon. This is a result of a recessive black dilution gene. Blue Frenchman have shades between black and dark blue, with lighter blue tones in the ears and head. Small markings may appear on the top of the head and chest or back. They have yellow, blue or gray eyes.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图4

Black Spotted

It can look like a very dangerous color on a dog. Generally, black dogs are either guard dogs or search dogs. But there is absolutely no sign of war in a black French Bulldog. Black Spotted Bulldogs can have light coat color stripes ranging from very light browns and whites (or even nonexistent) to browns and rusts. Some will have a constant mottled pattern throughout the black coat. However, the AKC does not accept this color.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图5

Chocolate mottled

This is another lovely color, but like the blue French Bulldog, it’s hard to find. However, there are many variations of mottled chocolate. It is hard to find an all-chocolate colored Frenchie. They have a brown coat with light cream stripes and can be pink or brown around the ears and eyes, just like the cream-colored Frenchie.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图6

They have green, blue, yellow or brown eyes. The reason for their shortage is that they require two copies of a recessive gene, each from their parents, which is quite difficult. These types display colors ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图7

Tiger Stripes

The heavy markings are called “tiger stripes” and resemble the fur of a tiger (with stripes all over the body). The predominant coat color of the Tiger Stripe French Bulldog is light brown with gray and black stripes. 6.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图8

Spotted Stripe

Also known as “splotches”, these are predominantly white coats with large black spots covering different parts of the body. They are usually found around the eyes and ears, on the back and under the neck.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图9

Reverse Mottling

This refers to Frenchman that have light brown or cream coats with heavy black or brown stripes that darken the overall color of the coat. You will not find this type easily.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图10

Caring for the French bulldog spotted

Luckily, the French bulldog spotted is no different than the regular French Bulldog. Due to their heavy chests, they can’t swim, so they should never be left alone near a pool, beach, or any body of water.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图11

French bulldog spotted especially love to explore and run around. Therefore, you need to crate train them so they don’t make a mess of the house when you’re not around. Since they can’t jump very high, installing dog safety gates is a very smart way to keep them away from your valuables. For example, toy trays and food storage cabinets or parts of the house such as the kitchen, stairs, etc.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图12

Health Problems Associated with French bulldog spotted

Because the French bulldog spotted is flat-faced, it has difficulty breathing and requires constant care in hot or humid environments. Many people are skeptical about bringing these rare French Bulldogs into their homes as pets as part of the various misguided and unjustified health issues people associate with them.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图13

Not to worry, the French bulldog spotted is just as healthy as the regular French Bulldog. The only problem is the color blue, which appears in blue spotted French.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图14

Health Problems with Blue French bulldog spotteds

One of the most common health problems associated with these dogs is the color blue. This occurs in blue French Bulldogs, and as mentioned earlier, it is very rare. They are prone to color-dilution alopecia, a genetic condition that affects the distribution of pigment in the coat. The portion of the hair that receives this uneven color weakens and begins to show signs of hair growth and breakage.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图15

There is no known cure for this health problem, but you can be careful not to use rough grooming materials. Use brushes instead and take them to your veterinarian at the onset of the disease to avoid skin infections.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图16

Grooming Needs of Brindle French Bulldogs

French bulldog spotteds don’t cause as much of a hair loss problem for their owners because they keep their hair short.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图17

You can easily save grooming for the weekends as it is only needed once a week. Use pet grooming gloves as they not only smooth the coat and remove shedding hair, but also give your pet a good massage. Additionally, nails must be trimmed once a month or they will curl and cause discomfort.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图18

Now, the secret to getting your French bulldog spotted to cooperate with you during nail clipping is to give him tons of praise and hospitality. Regularity in the routine is another helpful factor. Also, use automatic, pain-free dog nail clippers instead of trimming it manually.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图19

It’s okay to bathe your beloved pet once a month. They don’t pose that much of a threat to the bathroom. If you can’t calm down during the bath, you can use licking pads.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图20

Exercise Needs of the French bulldog spotted

The French bulldog spotted does not need a lot of exercise. A short walk every day is enough because their breasts are heavy and they need to work on their weight control regularly. But be careful because their flat faces can make it hard for them to breathe in hot weather.

French bulldog spotted: A Unique Charm插图21

Your adorable little short-legged spotted Frenchman only needs to perform simple exercise routines such as catching a ball or chasing a hanging object. Getting him a jumbo ball will suffice.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog


French Bulldogs are very popular family pets. French Bulldogs stand out for their distinctive wrinkled face and “bat ears”. They have short muzzles and upward curving noses. They are loved for their unique appearance and charming personality. French Bulldogs come in a wide range of colors, but not all colors are accepted as standard.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图

While only a few colors are considered standard or acceptable, this lovely breed can come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Frenchman are often asked what the best color is, but the truth is, no one can answer that because all colors are beautiful. Some are rarer and can be more expensive. Some colors can even pose health problems, which is noteworthy for one of the world’s most famous short-headed animal breeds. But I personally prefer the blue colored French Bulldog.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图1

Genetics of the Blue Colored French Bulldog

Like all breeds, the coat color of the Frenchie is genetically determined. Definitely a combination of genes will determine the color of the coat. Just because a parent’s breed is a certain color does not mean that the offspring will be as well. Many canines carry genes that hide colors that may not be apparent in them, but are present in their offspring.

blue colored french bulldog

A dog’s specific combination of genes determines the color of their coat. Both mom and dad dogs contribute to these genes. Each parent has two hair color alleles, some dominant and some recessive. Only one dominant color gene needs to be present. However, two recessive genes must be present for recessive color.

blue colored french bulldog

Characteristics of the Blue Colored French Bulldog

Blue Colored French Bulldogs are French Bulldogs that have a gray-blue hue to their coat. Blue Colored French Bulldogs have a more distinctive appearance than the traditional light yellow or brown color.

blue colored french bulldog

Their coat color changes with age, gradually shifting from a light blue as a puppy to a darker blue as an adult. The appearance of the Blue Colored French Bulldog is highly sought after at shows and breed judging and attracts the attention of many dog lovers.

blue colored french bulldog

In fact, the reason blue Frenchman have a gray coat color is because they carry a recessive purebred gene called the blue dilution gene in their DNA. The head of a blue Frenchman is generally wider than other dogs, and the overall appearance is like a four-square. The next thing to look at is its eyes, which should be far apart, but the outer corners of the eyes should not be too close to the contour line of the head.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图6

Blue Colored French Bulldog Personality

Blue Colored French Bulldogs are laid back dogs that enjoy company. In fact, some owners describe them as “magic dogs” for how clingy they are.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图7

They are mischievous and resourceful pups who often enjoy basic dog games like fetch. You can rest assured that you won’t have to spend hours of exercise to eliminate this annoyance. Thanks to their flat faces, they will settle in for walks around the block. Whatever game they want to do is with you.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图8

Blue Colored French Bulldogs rarely bark and are usually quiet to get your attention. They are social and adaptable dogs capable of adapting to any situation. These pups especially enjoy people, children and other dog companions.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图9

Keep in mind that manners and respect should be taught to young children when handling any breed of dog. Due to their small size, they can be easily hurt, so it is important to remind your children not to treat your puppy like a teddy bear.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图10

They can be a bit destructive if they are not stimulated, so make sure you give them an outlet to release their energy – toys and exercise work best. This breed loves tug-of-war. Since they are descended from English Bulldogs, they have rough housing built into their genes. Due to their stubbornness, they can be prone to separation anxiety.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图11

Blue Colored French Bulldog Care Guide

The Blue Colored French Bulldog is a low maintenance breed. Due to their cranial head and face, you should make sure to avoid overdoing it when exercising. Grooming them is also easy-just watch out for wrinkles, as bacteria and food can get caught between the folds.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图12

All in all, this dog would suit any home, from a family home to an apartment. Just make sure their needs are met and they will be happy.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图13

Exercise Requirements for the Blue Colored French Bulldog

The Blue Colored French Bulldog doesn’t need a lot of exercise, just a walk around the block and a relaxing leash in the park. Thirty minutes of exercise a day is usually plenty, but beware of overexertion and heat stroke, as flat faces make it difficult for them to breathe.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图14

While they are comfortable with almost any activity, make sure to avoid swimming. Their heaviest bodies can act as anchors, making pools and lakes dangerous for this dog. These dogs would rather surf TV channels than wave!

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图15

Blue Colored French Bulldog Grooming and Shedding

The grooming aspect is that they are fairly low maintenance. For their gray-blue coats, they need a quick brush with a rubber glove every other day and a bath once a month.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图16

Their wrinkles need special attention. Make sure to clean their faces weekly with dog-safe wipes, as food and bacteria can get caught between the folds. Bat ears must be cleaned to prevent infection and maintain proper dental hygiene. Since they are not the most active breed, keep an eye on the nails and trim them if they don’t wear themselves out.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图17

Feeding and Diet of the Blue Colored French Bulldog

Since they are an inactive breed, please be careful with their diet. Due to their low activity level, overfeeding may cause them to gain weight. This dog should not weigh more than 28 pounds as the extra weight may stress their joints.

Precious Dogs: Blue Colored French Bulldog插图18

A checkup with your veterinarian is a good way to gauge how much food your dog needs and which food is best for them. Avoid using too many fillers or by-product coarse grind brands. Experimental studies have observed that high-protein diets are better at maintaining lean body mass in obese dogs undergoing weight loss programs.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug

Apricot Color Pug, native to China, are charming and elegant, and now more and more people choose to breed them. If you want your dog to be purebred, whether it’s purebred or not, your own is the best, so how to recognize whether a Pug is purebred?

Identify Purebred Apricot Color Pug

Body Type

The Pug is characterized by being small in size, compact, well-proportioned, and with a hard muzzle profile. The ideal weight range is 14 to 18 pounds. Proportions are square.

apricot color pug


Pug’s eyes are standard almond-shaped, the ball bordering the place will be a little light blue, will disappear after growing up, don’t think that’s a manifestation of impurity, but the adult dog blue eyes is a manifestation of disqualification oh.

apricot color pug


The head is large, thick and heavy, not on the arch, apple head, forehead does not shrink back. Eyes are very dark in color, very large, prominent and eye-catching, bulbous, full of peace and desire. Very bright, when excited, full of enthusiasm. Muzzle short, blunt and broad, but not upturned. The bite should be a slight protruding jaw bite. There are two ear shapes: rose or button ears, the latter being the more desirable. The ears are thin, small, soft, and resemble black velvet. The wrinkles are large and deep.

apricot color pug

Apricot Color Pug Personality Traits

Apricot Color Pug have long been human companions, they are gentle and kind, they don’t bark, they love to sleep, their expression is always super innocent, they don’t have a high need for exercise, and they are very patient with children.

apricot color pug

But this does not mean that they are lazy, on the contrary, their curiosity is very exuberant, for the new environment and new things to explore the desire is particularly strong, very like to find stimulation!

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图4

One of the very famous Pugs is named Otis. It grew up in a skydiving center, and its favorite thing to do on weekdays is to chase planes, and also experience the extreme sport of skydiving with skydivers, and love it very much! So far it has jumped as many as 64 times, is a real flying dog!

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图5

But if they have nothing else to do, they’re not particularly annoying, and can sleep up to 14 hours a day, which is almost as much as a kitten.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图6

Apricot Color Pug Breeding Conditions

Apricot Color Pug are not so easy to train, and require a relatively high level of understanding on the part of the owner, who knows a few tips on how to communicate with them, and a lot of patience.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图7

They respond well to positive reinforcement and can be trained in basic obedience, understanding commands such as “sit”, “stop” and “no”.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图8

However, it is important that the owner communicates commands with clear intent and rewards in a timely manner, so that when he or she realizes that an action will be rewarded, he or she will be happy to do it. Their two main sources of motivation are food and the love of their owners.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图9

In addition, the Apricot Pug has a fine, smooth, soft, short, glossy coat, but sheds constantly throughout the year. As a small dog, the Apricot Pug claims to have the size of a small dog, the weight of a medium-sized dog, and the coat of a large dog! So it’s best to give them a simple brush and wipe them down with a semi-wet towel every day.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图10

In the hot summer, especially on sweltering days, it will have difficulty in breathing and even become sick. Usually do not let it in the hot sun directly under the sun activities, if necessary, should be for its cooling or move to the ventilation and cool place to go. In the Apricot Color Pug’s feeding management, it is necessary to give enough nutrition. Pay attention to the structure of the dog’s diet every day.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图11

In fact, the dog food on the market now can fully meet the daily needs of the dog, it is recommended to give the dog natural food. Usually you can give the dog appropriate vegetables and meat, so that the dog nutrition is very sufficient.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图12

Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene work, is also an important part of raising a good pug. In summer, it should be bathed every other week. In winter, the interval between baths can be extended appropriately.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图13

Since the head and neck of the Apricot Color Pug has more folds, it is easy to hide dirt and bacteria, so raising this kind of dog should pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Normally, wash once every month, and in summer when it is hot, wash once every 2-3 days. Special attention should be paid to washing the creases and crevices to prevent skin diseases or mange. After each bath, use a soft-bristled brush to brush its hair and use a blow dryer to dry its hair.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图14

Apricot Color Pug snoring

Apricot Color Pug are short-nosed dogs, and according to statistics, about 50% of short-nosed dogs have significant respiratory problems, and the most obvious symptom is snoring.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图15

The Apricot Color Pug snores because of its body structure, which has a short nose and a nose that faces upwards, making it more like a snore when it breathes. The snoring is especially worse when sleeping. Of course, this is a normal condition and parents do not need to worry and fret about it.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图16

For dogs that snore, owners should pay special attention to their breathing problems. If they have serious breathing problems, such as breathing through their mouths for a long time with obvious panting movements, they should be prevented from strenuous exercise.

Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug插图17

Spring and fall season climate will change, Apricot Color Pug are very easy to catch a cold and get sick, will therefore appear to snore loud panting. Therefore, we usually have to pay attention to the healthy diet of Apricot Color Pug, to drink more water, eat the best aspects of low-salt and low-oil products of dog food, dietary health amount can avoid it to suffer unnecessary pain.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler

The worlds biggest Rottweiler, a native German man, has the reputation of the world’s top riot dog, with all the canines in the strongest bite force, can reach the horror of 150 kilograms, enough to easily gnaw off the general bones of hard objects. Red and black coat color, black as iron, red as blood, naive with a strong deterrent.

The unique charm of the worlds biggest Rottweiler

Not a picky eater, strong body

As a guard dog, the worlds biggest Rottweiler has a strong body, and it is not picky about food and not easy to get sick. In addition, the worlds biggest Rottweiler’s stamina is good and it is resistant to beatings, so it can fight back quickly when it meets bad people, and it can do the job of a guard dog very well.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Powerful looks

The worlds biggest Rottweiler’s powerful looks are very intimidating and can scare off a lot of people. Followed by a Rottweiler, ordinary thieves and robbers are afraid to approach, can be said to be very secure.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Loyal and gentle

Rottweiler is a very loyal dog, in the owner in distress, will bravely come out to protect the owner, will never retreat half a step! Treat the family very meek, like to protect the form of the owner to follow the owner around, how can such a dog not love it.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Smart and obedient

Rottweiler is very smart, IQ is ranked ninth in the list of dogs. So don’t look at the Rottweiler looks naive, people’s IQ can be high. The Rottweiler has a high level of obedience and will obey the owner’s commands to the letter. But this also needs the owner of the Rottweiler to carry out systematic training, in order to achieve such an effect. In the training completed can be appropriate to reward some chicken jerky, duck jerky and other snacks, after all, the combination of rewards and punishments will make the training effect is even better oh.

worlds biggest rottweiler

Fighting power

Rottweiler has a strong fighting ability, and its bite is in the top three of the canine ranking, and some people say it is ranked first. For the pursuit of dog guardianship and fighting strength of the pet owners, it is impossible to refuse the temptation.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图4

Because of this the Rottweiler is banned in many cities, and pet owners who have one should also socialize the Rottweiler more and not let it become very aggressive.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图5

The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler at the Top of the World

The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler: Mambo

Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, a very famous worlds biggest Rottweiler breeder, is often referred to as “Mambo Jr.” by domestic enthusiasts.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图6

Mambo’s father was named “Rick” (German Club Champion, World Junior Champion), a worlds biggest Rottweiler with a genetically excellent conformation that is well known throughout the world. Mambo’s mother’s side of the pedigree comes from East Germany.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图7

Mr. Hurtmart, judge of the German Rottweiler Club, had this to say about this worlds biggest Rottweiler:

Well-defined head, dark brown eyes, short strong muzzle, compact, sturdy body, deep, broad chest, well-proportioned body structure, black and shiny coat, intelligent and extremely stable character. It was this jaw-dropping Rottweiler that successfully lifted the 2002 European Male Group, Rottweiler Club, the German Canine Science Association, the International Championship Landing and a host of other championship trophies.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图8

The Mambo is a perennial favorite in German show competition and there is no denying it, as it is very easy to describe him in two words – “beautiful”.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图9

This is a typical show version of the Rottweiler, not as grand as the traditional Rottweiler looks. The small family is certainly no match for a gaijin, but it’s something else. I have to admit that he is a superb male dog that stands at the top of the recent Rottweiler history!

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图10

Why do most Rottweiler lovers around the world love the Little Mambo so much? Undoubtedly his beautiful front page, structure, and numerous race rewards have left many reasons to love him. But strictly speaking, it’s not enough for a true breeder to be good in his own right, stable genetics are a must for determining whether or not this male will be as stellar as the stars!

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图11

So next we’ll take a look at those offspring of Mambo, who stands 63 cm tall at the shoulder and weighs 90 pounds! And then you will naturally know the real reason why Mambo makes everyone’s jaw drop.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图12

The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler: Mambo’s offspring

The offspring of Mambo Jr. need not be introduced. Many of them are very familiar to everyone.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图13

Amigo vom Schwaiger Wappen, shoulder height 64 cm weight 48 kg is currently in Fuzhou, China. He passed the highest Korung test Eza and has been rated V several times. In terms of breeding, he is one of the “half-dozen” breeders in Germany.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图14

Arkon vom Hause Zillas is a famous worlds biggest Rottweiler breeder in Australia and one of the little Mambo offspring that Chinese enthusiasts know and love. His mother was a Danish police dog and many of his offspring have traveled the world.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图15

Danjo von der Tonberger Hohe, born June 14, 2006, is a Rottweiler. He is 63cm tall at the shoulder and weighs 50KG. He has passed the obedience behavior test, the endurance test and the working dog multi-directional test level 3. Sire Mambo Guard 3, passed endurance test, obedience behavior test, tracking test 2. ZTP. mother Iris Guard 1, passed obedience behavior test.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图16

Cliff von der Raspeburg also has a very high breeding record in Germany and has been rated V in showmanship competitions several times. Cliff’s mother is a daughter of the great Velcro. Many of you may have seen Cliff’s classic front-page photo below!

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图17

Elvis von der Mühlbachstrasse is currently a hot star amongst the top tier of German breeders, and is one of the few taller Little Mambo offspring! (Shoulder height 67cm weight 53kg). He is still very highly bred and his dams are from Akino and Balou.

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图18

Ex vom Gruntenblick is out of the famous Gruntenblick breed and his mother is a daughter of “Norris”. He also has many V1 and V ratings and is a very nice male!

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图19

Leroy van Haysherak, a Rottweiler who is well known in Italy and has been rated V several times on the German circuit!

Learn About a Dog a Day – The Worlds Biggest Rottweiler插图20

After looking at Mambo’s offspring, does it seem like his genetics are pretty strong? Not only that, but many of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren are still active in the current racing scene, and most of them still retain Mambo’s small ears and high ear position, as well as his beautiful frontal segment!

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians

The Longhaired Dalmatian is a Croatian hunting dog breed whose ancestry dates back to the late Middle Ages. In the past, it was often seen around horse-drawn carriages, and in the 20th century it became a very popular companion dog. The Longhair Dalmatian is covered in short white hair dotted with black patches that are not fully visible as a puppy, but become more pronounced as the puppy grows older, a characteristic unique to the breed.

Advantages of the Longhaired Dalmatian

Longhaired Dalmatians are very intelligent and creative. They love sports and prefer regular exercise. Dalmatians are active and playful, but also have a very calm and alert side. They are active, love to learn, and sometimes exhibit protective behavior, which requires owners to understand and empathize with them and educate them with purposeful firmness. They are good at diplomacy, both with people and other pets. They can handle each other well. The Dalmatian is an extremely hardy pet, good at running and exercising, with a steady, quiet and dignified temperament hidden in a lively and spirited personality. Because Dalmatians love to be active

long  haired dalmatian breeder

Disadvantages of the Long-haired Dalmatian


Long-haired Dalmatians are actually banned in many countries and cities. The whole reason is that they are extremely unstable dogs, and if you are not careful, it is easy for them to hurt people. That’s why the spotted dog unfortunately meets the banning conditions in many areas, so even if many people like this breed, but it is banned and there is no way to keep it. In fact, the long-haired Dalmatian’s unstable personality can be changed by severe training from a young age.

long  haired dalmatian breeder

Emotional instability

Most of the Longhair Dalmatians living abroad are kept in farms or homesteads where they have a wide range of activities, so it is rare for them to experience the restlessness and fear caused by being overwhelmed by space. But in the city, we live in the suite for them is too narrow, because of limited space, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the long-haired Dalmatian like to play in a wide environment, so it is inevitable that the long-haired Dalmatian’s mood will become very unstable.

long  haired dalmatian breeder

Too much energy

Long-haired Dalmatians themselves are a kind of hunting dog, and their demand for exercise and energy is just too much. Unless the dog owner’s home can have enough range of motion for them to run freely, if they live in the city, no matter it is windy or rainy, the dog owner must take them out for at least 1-2 hours of exercise. And in modern life, dog owners don’t get to use their free time and physical energy to take their dogs for exercise every day. That’s why many people choose to give up breeding long-haired Dalmatians after the initial understanding.

long  haired dalmatian breeder

Long haired dalmatian breeder Maintaining the Health of Their Dogs

The Longhair Dalmatian is a larger individual, and as it was originally a dragging and hunting dog, it is more active and therefore consumes more food, so Longhair Dalmatian breeders should give them more provisions than other breeds.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图4

Long haired dalmatian breeder should prepare a daily diet containing about 500 grams of meat products with an equal number of cookies or cooked dry veggie ingredients. The meat should be cooked, chopped, mixed with the dry veggie material, blended with an appropriate amount of water and fed. The feed must be fresh and clean, and the feeding utensils should be washed and sterilized frequently.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图5

Long haired dalmatian breeder should feed at regular intervals, limiting them to eating in 15-25 minutes, and then collecting the remaining food and eating utensils together, forcing them to develop the good habit of taking food at regular intervals.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图6

Long haired dalmatian breeder should also feed them clean water 2-3 times a day. The Longhaired Dalmatian is an energetic and active dog and should be taken out for a walk or run around the yard every day.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图7

After each exercise, the Longhaired Dalmatian breeder should comb its coat with a brush to remove the dirt and grime stuck on the hair, and then wipe their coat with a velvet or soft towel for a while to keep it shiny and beautiful. You should also bathe them regularly, every 10-15 days in cool weather and every 3-5 days in hot weather.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图8

Every 3-5 days, the long-haired Dalmatian breeder should remove ear wax, teeth scale and clean its eyes with 2% boric acid water (using degreased sterilized cotton dipped in this water) to prevent eye diseases such as keratitis. They should also have their claws trimmed regularly.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图9

Long-haired Dalmatian dog breeders usually need to teach and train them, so that they develop the habit of not using their claws to tear clothes, curtains and sofa cloth, and develop the habit of listening to the master’s command and love of cleanliness and hygiene, especially the habit of defecating in a fixed place, and not to defecate in any place.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图10

In the breeding, long haired dalmatian breeder should pay attention to observe its diet, behavior and other manifestations and state, once found sick should be treated immediately.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图11

Longhaired Dalmatian Training Methods

Mechanical stimulation training method is a more effective way to train Dalmatian, it is the training method that the trainer adopts certain mechanical means to force the dog to make movements. For example, when training the subject of “sit”, the trainer issues the command “sit” and at the same time presses the dog’s back and buttocks with his left hand, and when the dog is stimulated by the pressure and makes a sitting action, he will immediately give a reward.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder: Methods of Raising Long Haired Dalmatians插图12

Mechanical stimulation can not only cause the dog’s basic movements, but also enhance the role of conditioned stimulation. Here we remind you, for example, in the training of articulation subjects, when the dog has the performance of automatically spitting out objects, repeat the command “articulation”, combined with a light blow or gently resting on the dog’s palate, after this combination of many times, you can make the command “articulation” further support and form a solid conditioned reflex. This will further support the command to “hold” and form a consolidated conditioned reflex.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion

For people living in the city, small dogs are more suitable for keeping. Because for the owners, they are small and easy to place, easy to bathe; at the same time, for the dog, the indoor activity space is not too depressing and cramped.

Today, we would like to introduce you to an intelligent and docile small dog suitable for urban breeding the cream long haired dachshund.

Origin of the cream long haired dachshund

The Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied hunting dog. The name is of German origin and originally meant “badger dog”. The breed was developed for sniffing, tracking, and hunting badgers and other burrowing animals.

cream long haired dachshund

The cream long haired dachshund is the long-haired version of the Miniature Dachshund. The Miniature Longhair Dachshund appeared in Germany in 1883. Captain Von Bruno was the earliest recorded breeder.

cream long haired dachshund

They may become active with small dogs and need to be walked once or twice a day. After exercise, they tend to relax and want to cuddle with you at night.

cream long haired dachshund

How much does a cream long haired dachshund cost

Long haired dachshunds cost between $300-$2,000 depending on their color and size. The good news is that they are recognized by the AKC, so you can use their Puppy Finder to find breeders who have been screened by the AKC and follow their rules and regulations.

cream long haired dachshund

Cream long haired dachshunds are brave, curious and active dogs that are always trying to get your attention. They are curious and always looking for something to do or chase.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图4

With their strong sense of smell and expert digging skills, these little prank creators won’t stop them from digging for gophers in your backyard. It’s best not to leave your cream long haired dachshund alone in your backyard in case you find them digging under the fence!

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图5

Cream long haired dachshund personality traits

The Longhaired Dachshund has a simple appearance but a delicate mind, and intelligence is one of the best characteristics of the Longhaired Dachshund, but you will have to be more patient with the initially trained Dachshund as the Longhaired Dachshund is a bit stubborn. However, it is highly obedient and will always be around you waiting for a command. At the same time, the Dachshund retains the resourcefulness and courage of its ancestors, always protecting its owner and by nature the Dachshund loves to catch rats. They are both loving family companions and reassuring home guardians.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图6

Daily care of the cream long haired dachshund

Cream long haired dachshunds are easy to care for. They do not have much body odor. So, owners only need to bathe them twice a month and clean their anal glands regularly. They do not have seasonal hair changes. However, grooming at least once a week is essential, which not only removes the floating dust from the dog to prevent tangles, but also enhances the relationship between the owner and the dog.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图7

Regular trimming of the bottom of the feet as well as the chest and belly hair is also needed to avoid dragging the floor. The hair behind the ears is more prone to tangling and needs to be taken care of. The drooping ears of the cream long haired dachshund should also be cleaned regularly on a weekly basis to keep them dry in order to avoid ear diseases. Of course, trimming the nails is a must for your dog’s agility and freedom of movement.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图8

Exercise and health for cream long haired dachshund

Cream long haired dachshunds have a medium energy level and need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight and strong muscles is important to support the dog’s long back. Walk your cream long haired dachshund twice a day, or consider participating in activities such as field or dirt dog trails to give them a chance to track rabbits or mice.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图9

The breed is usually healthy and has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. They are prone to back injuries and ear infections. A responsible breeder will perform recommended health tests to ensure that the puppies are free of common medical conditions. These include a patellar luxation exam, eye exam and heart exam to rule out congenital heart disease.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图10

Cream long haired dachshund breeding methods

The cream long haired dachshund is not a picky eater but is a bit of a glutton and should not be fed too much to avoid becoming overweight. In the process of feeding, be careful not to give it chocolate, onions, ice cream, bones, milk and a series of things, of course, too salty, too sweet, spicy, greasy food is also not allowed.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图11

After we give them a bath must be timely blow-drying, to avoid damp hair breeding parasites. Long haired dachshunds can be cleaned 2-3 times a month, as long as you help it comb the hair every day. Pay attention to cultivate good habits from childhood, when it makes a mistake, try not to hit it directly with your hands, you can use newspaper rolled up in a small bucket, and gently knock it on it!

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图12

Cream  long haired dachshund is breeder-friendly

The cream long haired dachshund is well adapted to both family and urban breeding. They are small dogs that don’t need a lot of space in the house and shed less, making them easy to clean and take care of;

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图13

They are cautious and courageous, loyal to their owners and can be very alert to strangers, making them great home guards. They are gentle and friendly, and although they may be cautious at the beginning, they can mingle well with their owners and family members after they become familiar with them.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图14

If it is the owner’s friend who comes to the house for the first time, the dog will also be very interested in getting acquainted with him more quickly, because the smart and clever it can judge from the owner’s performance, that is the owner’s friend. Because of its gentle and cautious nature, the cream long haired dachshund will rarely bite, avoiding unnecessary trouble for its owner.

Cream long haired dachshund: Intelligent and Smart Family Companion插图15

My dog see people and dogs want to rush over to play with them, and I often rush when I walk them outside, although they are small, but they are very strong. I’m tired of tugging on the leash every day. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a suitable collar because my neck was too thin, and I used a professional dog-racing leash, and I was not afraid to rush forward. All kinds of dogs are not afraid of, other dogs fierce it, it is also very sensitive to play goat, or a know the measure of the dog. In any case, we have to protect our dog friends in daily life.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British

English pit bull weiner dog, alias tiger dog, face is all folds, even if it is fat body will have muscle lines, face expressionless when indeed a little fierce. But in fact, owners who have raised it will know that the English Pit bull weiner dog is a simple. Although the name has a “pit bull weiner dog”, but the English pit bull weiner dog in the 19th century after the ornamental dog, the character has greatly improved, into a gentle and firm dog.

Reasons why they are loved by British men

English pit bull weiner dogs are fierce and intimidating, why are they loved by British men?

pit bull weiner dog

A unique British icon

English pit bull weiner dog, commonly known as the tiger dog, originated in the British Isles, the ancestors are said to be Mastiff mastiffs and bull ridges combined breeding. The reason for the use of the word “bull” in the name is that the dog is often used to carry out the “vertical dog biting bull” game. In the United Kingdom, the Pit bull weiner dog is known as the “national dog”, and now it is the English Pit bull weiner dog that has become the unique symbol of the United Kingdom.

pit bull weiner dog

Loyal and Reliable

The English Pit bull weiner dog is a medium-sized, smooth-coated dog with a heavy, fat, low and wobbly body. Despite its intimidating appearance, the English Pit bull weiner dog is an excellent watchdog and a kind and friendly companion, and is particularly affectionate and friendly to children. The English Pit bull weiner dog is very loyal to its owner and is the type that can put up a fight if something threatening to its owner happens, although the dog is no longer used for bullfighting, the genes for their powerful aggressiveness have been preserved, that being said, there aren’t a lot of large dogs in the canine world that can really beat the English Pit bull weiner dog.

pit bull weiner dog

Advantages of English Pit bull weiner dogs

Out and About

The English Pit bull weiner dog is a big, powerful dog with strong limbs and a solid, wobbly skin that makes it a great dog to lead down the street. Its strengths are its overall appearance and posture, which show that it is very solid, energetic and powerful in life. The English Pit bull weiner dog’s personality is also calm and kind, firm and courageous, and a glance at the dog will identify it as a powerful but not aggressive dog with a calm and dignified demeanor.

pit bull weiner dog

Friendly to people

Don’t look at the English Pit bull weiner dog cheeks horizontal meat pile crowded, tall and ferocious, but it is kind to people, will not easily attack human beings, the advantage of the English Pit bull weiner dog is that it is a muscular body, heavy bones, the expression appears to be vigilant. In life the English Pit bull weiner dog gives people a kind, generous, loyal, persistent and brave characteristics. They are happy to socialize with people and are especially friendly and extremely patient with children.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图4

Courageous and Protective

The English Pit bull weiner dog has been bred for generations to minimize its primitive wildness, but it has retained its excellent quality of bravery. If in danger, the English Pit bull weiner dog will fight to protect its owner.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图5

In the UK, the English Pit bull weiner dog is also often used as a guard dog because of its ability to bravely fight head-on against opponents.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图6

Disadvantages of English Pit bull weiner dogs

Eats a lot

Having an English Pit bull weiner dog can make you feel like you’re raising a pig. The English Pit bull weiner dog has an exceptionally large appetite, comparable to that of a large dog. If you have a Teddy, you eat out of a small bowl at most, but if you have an English Pit bull weiner dog, he has to eat out of a tub or he won’t get enough to eat. Not only do they love to eat, they are also lazy. While other dogs spend most of their time playing or looking for their owners to play with, the English Pit bull weiner dog spends most of its time sleeping, and when it eats, it sleeps, and its weight goes up immediately. Don’t look at the size of the English Pit bull weiner dog, but the weight is amazing, can be 40-60 pounds.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图7

Easy to get sick

The English Pit bull weiner dog’s short nose and folds can make it susceptible to a variety of diseases.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图8

As a short-nosed breed of dog, the most intuitive feeling for the owner of an English Pit bull weiner dog is that it will snore, and it’s super loud, so you can hear it even through the door. Sometimes at night by it snoring woke up, can only count sheep while hypnotizing themselves. English Pit bull weiner dogs are also prone to Short Nose Breathing Syndrome (SNBS), an upper respiratory disease that can lead to respiratory distress in severe cases. These dogs can suffer from respiratory distress after strenuous exercise or when the weather is too hot, and may eventually die. During the summer months, it is important to be wary of heatstroke in Yingdu.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图9

English Pit bull weiner dogs have many folds on their faces, some of which cause the skin to stick closely together, creating an environment suitable for bacterial parasites to survive. This is why English Pit bull weiner dogs are also particularly susceptible to skin diseases, which are also difficult to treat, always recurring, and may come back as soon as the medication is stopped.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图10

Heavy body odor

As I said earlier, English Pit bull weiner dogs are dogs with a lot of folds, and it is easy to hide dirt and bacteria in the gaps between the folds. If the owner does not pay attention to cleaning, the dog’s body odor will be particularly heavy. If you have an English Pit bull weiner dog, you must regularly bathe your dog, clean its ears, squeeze its anal glands, and so on, to get rid of the body odor.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图11

Not good for training

English Pit bull weiner dogs are really too lazy! Usually nothing to sleep, do not expect it to watch the house, strangers come even eyelids are not raised! Usually training, see you hand snacks will be very excited, but the master said a word cannot hear to go. Other dogs will get down, handshake, rolling, etc., the English pit bull weiner dog this stupid dog will not. I feel that it is not low IQ, but it is too lazy, lazy to not want to care about you.

English Pit Bull Weiner Dog: Popular with the British插图12

The English Pit bull weiner dog was a popular dog during the time of the British Bullfighting, and since the end of its status as a fighter, it has now become a caretaker dog, a military dog, and a police dog. Nowadays, they are popular among people from all walks of life as valuable companion dogs, and have especially become the companion dogs that reflect men’s style.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog

French pit bull weiner dog is a kind of dog that seems to be full of muscles and fighting strength, but in reality, it is a sheep-like character, simple and honest. The French pit bull weiner dog always shows its proud and elegant temperament to people, and therefore it is loved and appreciated by more and more people.  The French pit bull weiner dog has a steady character and doesn’t like to bark in life. It is docile and quiet, and can be left alone by itself without causing any trouble to its owner.

French Pit Bull Weiner Dog Appearance

Inheriting genes from both the pit bull weiner dog and the Terrier, the French pit bull weiner dog is very muscular and heavy-boned, with a short, smooth back coat that is generally tawny, camel, white, tawny with white, and the “classic skin” black.

pit bull weiner dog

The French pit bull weiner dog has a shorter face, large black eyes, a stepping nose, erect ears, and a corresponding short tail. Unlike the English Pit bull weiner dog, the French Pit bull weiner dog’s expression is alert, curious, and interested, and it looks cute and cuddly. As a whole, the French pit bull weiner dog is a compact dog with a medium or small body size, which fully confirms the term “short and compact”.

pit bull weiner dog

French Pit Bull Weiner Dog Personality

The character of the French pit bull weiner dog is very interesting, because it is one of the strongest and most dexterous types of pit bull weiner dog, and it is not surprising that a small pit bull weiner dog with a fierce character becomes a good companion for traveling at home. We all know, in the early countries and places have long canceled the bullfighting competition, many people rely on bullfighting as a career have to switch to other professions, cultivated small pit bull weiner dog are also facing “unemployment”, but it is no longer after the bullfighting, immediately in the women’s market has become unusually overheated, “laid off! After the “layoff” soon became the majority of the family’s companion dog.

pit bull weiner dog

French pit bull weiner dog temperament intelligent, dexterous and optimistic, close, loyal, but the goods have two extremes, barking, either very quiet, or simply a “chatterbox”! In terms of activity, they are either lazy to the extreme or a kind of master who wants to play with you all the time. Let’s start with how smart, dexterous and optimistic they are. Anyone who knows a little bit about French pit bull weiner dog knows that with a little training they can master the skill of skateboarding even better than people, and that even if they fall off the board, they’ll still be happy to get back on it.

pit bull weiner dog

As a popular character trait of closeness and loyalty, French pit bull weiner dog never shy away from a fight, and will act very calmly opposite anyone, and are not ashamed to be the dog that goes to the bullring to fight. And its loyal character traits in the care of family members in the performance of obvious, also due to the origin of the game of bullfighting, their physical endurance is very strong, many people will therefore be very assured that the children to them with their gentle and friendly character performance will not attack people casually, especially for small children, is very patient, can be said to be a “nanny dog! It can be called “nanny dog” and is a very good partner for children.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图4

Secondly, one of their two extremes, barking, because the Pit bull weiner dog’s nasal cavity is more flat and short, barking is like pinching the nose, very laborious, so some of the Faldo does not like barking. And some of the bucket is definitely a “chatterbox” in his past life, the pet owner said it “top” a line, as long as they are arguing with them is basically a nonsense machine, whether you listen to understand, with you is the bar. However, the average Frenchie will be the former, which is very suitable for young people to keep in the apartment.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图5

Finally, their activities, the French pit bull weiner dog can be said to be very lazy dog, although they are all tendon meat, but since the “retirement” they are most of the time in the sleep, the energy outbreak strong but short. Some French pit bull weiner dog are just like a fake, they are very skinny, and they bark all day long for their owners to take them out to play, which is an extreme difference that can wear a person out. Similarly, overly energetic French pit bull weiner dog will not be too common, and will generally be less energetic and suitable for working people.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图6

French Pit Bull Weiner Dog Breeding Style

There is actually no very special way to raise a French pit bull weiner dog, and generally what pet owners need to know is the cleaning, teething, exercise and diet of the French Pit bull weiner dog:

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图7


The French pit bull weiner dog because the hair is shorter, the pores are larger, the skin is very easy to come into contact with the outside world of bacteria and dust, but also particularly easy to sweat, body odor is obvious, so the pet owner needs to pay attention to its cleaning, generally wash 2~3 times a month, avoid using strong reaction bath products to prevent hair loss.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图8

Teeth grinding

Because of the origin of the French bucket in the pit bull weiner dog and other terrier breeds bred for bullfighting games, so their short bodies have a very strong bite, daily feeding pet owners need to prepare a more wear-resistant teething stick to give them amusement, to avoid the teeth itchy on the furniture to do it.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图9


As mentioned above, the general energy of the French fighting is relatively short, but the robust body will also allow them to have a strong explosive force in a short period of time, so pet owners still need to let them have a certain amount of exercise every day in the breeding process to ensure that the original robust body.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图10


The French pit bull weiner dog’s diet is different for puppies and adults. When the French pit bull weiner dog is still a puppy, it can be fed four to five meals a day, and it is important to use all-natural dog food and goat’s milk powder, and to observe regular feeding. After the adult dog, the pet owner can give the French pit bull weiner dog to choose pure natural dog food feeding, feeding time should be changed from the original four to five meals a day to three meals a day, plus meat, vegetables, vitamins evenly matched, rich in high protein and a variety of micronutrients, can help the dog nutritional balance.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图11

Precautions for raising French Pit Bull Weiner Dog

In the introduction of the French pit bull weiner dog, it is mentioned that they have cross-breeding, and the nose is flat and short, which also shows that their nasal cavity is a certain congenital defect. Because of the congenital defect of the nasal cavity, feeding them need to be careful not to let them choke. In addition, the French pit bull weiner dog will appear to snore when sleeping, the sound is more obvious.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图12

In addition to the nasal cavity defects, the French Pit bull weiner dog is also born with more diseases, most of which are defects of certain mutations left over from breeding. For example, osteochondritis dissecans, hip dysplasia, spinal deformities, herniated lumbar discs, spina bifida, and reproductive problems are all common, and can be more laborious in the hands of a novice pet owner and require more attention.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图13

And French Pit bull weiner dog is very easy to get skin disease, so usually let it more sunshine, can improve the dog’s skin resistance, need to pay attention to is, don’t take it in the midday sun under the sun, this will lead to the dog’s heat stroke or skin sunburn.

Learn About a Dog a Day – French Pit Bull Weiner Dog插图14

In addition, due to the compact size of the French Pit bull weiner dog, its digestive system is also more direct, often because of eating too much and farting, or the stinky kind. Small friends who are more strict on the odor requirements should be careful to keep it!

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom

Many people in modern society will choose to keep pets, and pet dogs will also become their choice. Then before choosing a pet dog will first consider the dog’s wisdom, because smart dogs, can quickly learn to understand people’s commands, daily communication and interaction will not have any obstacles, then the dog’s wisdom ranking is particularly important. Here is the ranking of the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world.

Dog of Wisdom: Border Collie

The Border Collie ranks first in the world in terms of dog breed wisdom and is native to the Scottish border. This dog is naturally intelligent, good at reading people, can accurately understand the instructions of the master, equivalent to the wisdom of a 6- to 8-year-old child. Border Collie’s super high wisdom, imitation for it is not difficult, they know how to carefully observe the master’s every move, and sometimes will learn a few hands, but also learn quite like that.

dog of wisdom

In addition, the border collie’s learning ability is super strong, the owner as long as a little effort to teach, the dog can learn to eat, sleep, exercise and defecate on time. And the dog is very quiet and docile, perfect for families with elderly children. It is absolutely loyal to its owner, so it is also one of the most popular pet dogs.

dog of wisdom

Dog of Wisdom: Poodle

It may be a bit unbelievable, but I have seen a lot of people on the internet saying that the wisdom of a poodle is only equal to that of a three-year-old child, it is true. It has been confirmed, and you will find that the poodle is able to understand some of the things that the owner says, react to your words accordingly, and it is able to respond quickly to the specified commands that are given by the owner, and that says it all.

dog of wisdom

Originally from France, the Poodle has been very popular, especially with girls, because of its lack of hair loss, odorlessness and versatility in styling. With the second highest IQ in the dog world, Poodles are extremely intelligent. They frequented places like circuses in their early years, which means that they are very intelligent and easy to train. Poodles are also like “little people” in life!

dog of wisdom

Dog of Wisdom: German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds are jack-of-all-trades working dogs, capable of a variety of working professions, such as narcotics dogs, riot control dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, tracking dogs, sheepdogs, and more! Compared to the entire dog world, the German Shepherd is the only one that is so versatile and good at what it does!

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图4

The German Shepherd can do so many jobs, in addition to loyalty, but not without its high IQ. In the dog world, the IQ can be ranked third, definitely not for nothing! Due to genetic reasons, German Shepherd is prone to arthritis, leg and foot deformation, walking limp and so on, usually need to pay attention to give it calcium supplement!

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图5

Dog of Wisdom:Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the more popular dog breeds nowadays. The advantages of this dog are that it is easy to keep, very patient and does not require much from its owner, as long as it is exercised regularly, fed regularly and given regular check-ups.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图6

The Golden has a friendly expression and a warm, alert, confident and unafraid personality. It has a pleasant disposition and is very friendly with small children or babies, making it a good helper for new moms. It has excellent swimming range and is simply the swimming champion of the dog world.

Dog of Wisdom: Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher is a very fierce dog. It is mainly responsible for military and police work. With training, it can become a hunting dog, a hound and a sheepdog. Doberman is lively, alert, firm, vigilant, brave and obedient. On the other hand, the Doberman is bold and resolute, good at biting and has a certain degree of aggressiveness. These characteristics determine that it has all the conditions of an excellent police dog. The Doberman has a strong and stable body structure and a smooth and sleek coat. It looks perfect.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图7

Dog of Wisdom: Sheltie Sheepdog

The Sheltie Sheepdog is a very intelligent breed and the highest working and obedience dog, most Sheltie’s will understand the meaning of a new command from their owner within 5 times of hearing it and will be able to memorize the new command easily. When the owner gives a command, the chances of it being obeyed are higher than 95%. In addition, it will respond to commands within a few seconds of being given, even if the owner is located at a distance. Even if the person training it is inexperienced, it can still learn well.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图8

Dog of Wisdom: Labrador

The Labrador, also known as the Retriever, is a medium to large sized dog breed that is ideal for dogs chosen as guide dogs or subway police dogs and search and rescue dogs and other working dogs that frequent public places. The Labrador Retriever comes in four colors: black, yellow, chocolate, and beige.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图9

Labrador personality is loyal, atmospheric, simple, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, very high IQ, also very friendly to people, especially to children, slightly clingy to the dog owner.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图10

Dog of Wisdom: Butterfly Dogs

Also known as Butterfly Eared Dogs and Papillons, named for the long hairs on their ears that stand upright and adorn them like fluttering butterflies, Butterfly Dogs are native to France and are one of the oldest breeds of dogs in Europe.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图11

Butterfly dogs are charming companion dogs that often appear in European court portraits, with their striking large butterfly wing-like ears and exclusive facial markings. Because the dogs have been raised in nobility and palaces for generations, they have developed excellent insight and guarding abilities.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图12

Dog of Wisdom: Rottweiler

Strong, swift and imposing, the Rottweiler is one of the most courageous and powerful dog breeds in the world. Native to Germany, the Rottweiler is strong, swift and imposing, making them one of the most courageous and powerful breeds in the world. Once used as cattle guards, the Rottweiler is now widely used as a military and police dog, and is widely regarded as an extremely valuable family dog.

Top 9 the Dog of Wisdom插图13

The Rottweiler is intelligent, alert, calm and loyal to its owner, and is excellent as both a police dog and a family guard dog. It is best to do some obedience and socialization training with your Rottweiler as a puppy, so that it will be easier to control when it grows up and reduce the chance of injury!