From Snoopy to Scooby-Doo: Exploring the Enduring Popularity of Dog Cartoon

As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. As the earliest domesticated animal, dogs have appeared in all corners of human society, taking up a variety of duties: hunting, herding, guarding, and even chasing criminals.

Of course, the biggest role of dog cartoon as pets is to be cute! When you walk home with the day’s labor, see the silly pouncing up to greet your dog, how can the mood not change for the better!

The Universal Appeal of Dog Cartoons

There is a famous saying in America that happiness is a warm puppy. The dog cartoon named Snoopy is known as the world’s most famous puppy, with 350 million fans, and is the cartoon face of NASA, the coolest space agency in the universe; he always likes to sit on his red roof, thinking about meaningful “dog life”, loves ice cream, has a wide range of hobbies, and has a sense of humor that people can’t help but love. He loves ice cream, has a wide range of hobbies and a sense of humor that people can’t help but love, and the Peanuts comic strip that gave birth to Snoopy has been printed in 21 languages and is popular in 75 regions. Scooby-Doo is even the star of the animated dog cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera, and is feared to be the only dog in the U.S. to compete with Snoopy for popularity. As of 2018, the Scooby-Doo series has produced 10 animated television specials, 30 OVA movies, 6 OVA shorts, 2 live-action movies, and 12 animated television series, totaling 392 episodes. In terms of length, Scooby-Doo may be the dog with the longest screen career.

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Dog Cartoon: Understanding Snoopy

Snoopy was a Beagle owned by Charlie Brown and first appeared in the October 4, 1950 Peanuts comic strip. A dog with a human soul, he walked upright on two legs, spent his days sleeping on the roof and thinking about dog life, enjoyed playing World War I ace pilots, and even wrote novels on a typewriter to submit to publishers – though they were consistently rejected.

Snoopy has a pair of wide, drooping, floppy ears, which is one of the most typical features of Beagles, and looks especially cute lying on his back! It is no wonder that the author has always loved to draw Snoopy lying down. In reality, Beagles are also very smart and energetic and curious, but they don’t have the same kind of bitchy flavor as Snoopy.

Even though Snoopy in Peanuts can’t talk, he has conquered countless viewers with his pantomime-style performances. Many Peanuts fans love him and hate him – Snoopy is too smart, too bitchy, too cute, and even overshadowed the main character, Charlie Brown, which also made some people who only rushed to Snoopy’s bitchy and cute ignored the social values conveyed by the work itself.

Whether you love him or hate him, Snoopy should be the world’s most famous cartoon dog, I’m afraid there is no one!

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Dog Cartoon: Learn About Scooby-Doo

Even if he’s not Mystery Inc.’s most fearless warrior, Scooby-Doo just has a way of helping his human teammates solve all their mysteries and turn the tide. As a friend, Scooby is always honest and loyal. Scooby-Doo is optimistic by nature. You can call him stupid or criticize him for being out of tune, but you can never, ever, ever put food in front of him and then drive him a meter away.

Scooby-Doo is the most popular dog cartoon in the United States. He speaks a lot of English, is a bit of an ass, and looks big and strong, but he’s not very bold. But whenever he encounters a dangerous moment, his loyalty and bravery will still overcome his cowardice and stand up for his human friends.

Scooby is a Great Dane, with a rectangular, angular head, large, muscular, strong and powerful, one of the tallest breeds of dog cartoon.

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Dog Cartoon: The Secret to Their Success

Schultz says Snoopy is what I want to be – fearless, a joy to all, and will wipe away Lucy’s bad temper with a dewy-toothed kiss. It doesn’t have any big words, just small, but important things.

There’s a very classic quote from Peanuts: Laughter is good for life, as long as it doesn’t kill anyone. A simple but warm classic quote, warm generation after generation, it is Schultz plumped up Snoopy, it is Snoopy accomplished Schultz, they are the two-way run for which we aspire. May you also find the faraway place for which you are striving, and also have the courage to rush into space, and also have the spirit of Snoopy’s dare to brave perseverance.

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From Snoopy’s timeless charm to Scooby-Doo’s mystery-solving adventures, dog cartoons continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Their universal appeal, relatability, and ability to entertain and teach have made them beloved icons of popular culture. These animated canines remind us of the enduring power of storytelling and the special place dogs hold in our hearts.

The Playful World of Dog Cartoons: Capturing Canine Charm in Art

Dogs are the loyal companions of human beings, and many dog cartoons have featured cartoon images of dogs that we are familiar with. These dog cartoon characters that accompany us through the good times, do you still remember?

Dog Cartoons: Snoopy from Peanuts

Snoopy is a famous character in the American cartoon “Peanuts”, the prototype of which is the Miguelu rabbit hound, which has had its own distinctive settings and personalities in the different years of the serialization of the work. In the early years of the series, Snoopy had no specific origin, and it was not until later in the series that the character’s life story was added, adding to its interest in the series.

Snoopy lives in a red doghouse with an underground space, and his weekday conversations are often presented in bubble boxes with multiple personalities. Many of Snoopy’s stories are sadness masked in cute images and humor. But thanks to this thick layer of cuteness and humor, this sadness becomes bearable and even funny.

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Dog Cartoons: Goofy from Mickey’s Revue

Goofy first appeared in the 1938 animated short Mickey’s Revue. He was an amiable goofball with a big grin and a very easy-going personality, and was Mickey’s faithful companion. Goofy was a bit of a klutz, always losing his way and even messing up good things sometimes, but it was this character trait that allowed Mickey to “see the essence of complex things” and many times worked with Mickey to save the day.

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Dog Cartoons: Brutal from Mickey’s Revue

Unlike Goofy, Brutal is a real dog, Mickey’s pet, and although Goofy has the appearance of a dog, he is completely “human”, so he opens his mouth to talk and walks upright.

Brutal is Mickey’s pet, Mickey’s favorite dog! Brutal is a pure dog who can only express his love and hate by his nasal voice. Although he never speaks, he has no problem communicating with Mickey whatsoever. He is absolutely loyal to Mickey, friendly, and absolutely rises to the occasion when Mickey is in danger! Brutal is also a bit mischievous and sometimes gets into a little trouble. Brutal debuted as a cartoon animal with no language, no lines, but was loved by audiences and has been with Mickey since 1931, making him a familiar cartoon character.

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Dog Cartoons:Spike from Tom and Jerry

I’m sure you’re not particularly familiar with the name, but you’ll remember the dog that used to bully Tom Cat in Cat and Mouse, whose name was Spike and whose adorable son was Tek. Spike in the cartoon has a stout body, and its son is always so cute, Tom and Jerry always provoke it, whether it is intentional to take it for fun, or catch Jerry accidentally, or Jerry planted, so Spike is always beating Tom and Jerry.

“Spike is Jerry’s savior, Jerry always messes with him and then lets Tom get beat up, Spike is super protective of his son and is literally the muscle warmer from Cat and Mouse.”

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 Dog Cartoons:Bolt

Bolt is a well-known puppy, it is the first male lead in the animation “Bolt”, in the show as a dog with superpowers, always in the owner in distress to lend a helping hand, because of the drama of the play needs, Porter every day to live an exciting, exciting, adventure-like life. Lightning Dog’s superpowers are fake, but his valor is real.

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Dog Cartoons: Snowy from The Adventures of Tintin

Snowy is one of the main characters in The Adventures of Tintin, a famous work by Belgian cartoonist Elgee, and is Tintin’s inseparable puppy, as well as Milu, Milo, Milu, and other translations. He is a humanized puppy in the comics, and can even talk to Tintin sometimes through his actions and expressions. Snowy is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable, experienced, and physically active puppy in the world. It followed the master of the idle into the sky, repeatedly solved strange cases, repeatedly built a miraculous achievement, with its own wit and bravery, Snowy also countless times in the most critical moments to save the master in the midst of danger, it is difficult to imagine – leaving Snowy, Tintin’s adventures will be reduced by how much content and color!

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Dog Cartoons: Pongo and Perdita from 101  Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is the 17th animated feature film released by Disney in the United States. It tells the story of Pongo and White Petey, who, with the help of many eager animals, rescue 99 stricken spotted dogs from the clutches of Kuyla. When I was a kid, my family used to gather around to watch it, the bad woman always wanted to wear the spotted dog’s fur coat, a glance at the face of the abomination, the dog is very kind and very cute, suddenly realized that the time has been so far away from the time to watch this film.

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Dog Cartoons: Peabody from Cobra Dog Genius

Peabody from Cobra Dog Genius is an extraordinary puppy with an unparalleled IQ, destined for a “dog life” unlike any other. He has a degree from Harvard, has developed a new energy source, and has started his own company.

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