5 tips for choosing the right hair extensions

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best hair extensions set for yourself. Here I cover the most important aspects that will help you to make the right choice.

Get the right color match
One of the more obvious tips of choosing the best hair extensions if finding your perfect color match. Black hair, auburn hair, blond hair, the color matters a lot. If your hair isn’t one-dimensional, most companies offer hair extensions with dual-blended, tri-blended, and even bright colors. A perfect color match means your hair extensions will blend seamlessly with your hair and look very natural.

Natural human hair or synthetic ?
When looking for the best hair extensions, you should check whether they are made with natural human hair or synthetic materials. Not only will human hair last longer, it will also look like your own hair and can be treated likewise. I presume that not everyone will be comfortable using human hair. But you need to remember, that you cannot use heat with synthetic hair. Forget about hair dryer, straighteners or any other styling tools. Natural hair, on the other hand, can withstand any heat application. You can make a beautiful curl or straighten your hair if you wish. If you’re not sure, like I was, if hair extensions you purchasing are natural, just pop an email to the seller. It’s your right to ask where they get their hair from.

Best hair extension for your lifestyle
It’s important to take into consideration which hair extension method matches your lifestyle. Hair extensions do require a bit of extra maintenance, however if waking up five minutes earlier to have fabulous hair is worth it to you then you are the perfect candidate. If you are too busy to take care of your extension cheveux, you’d better consider straight hair instead of braiding hair, and clip-in extensions may be the right fit for you. This way you can break them out for special occasions or days where you have extra time to style.

Hair Texture
Common origins of hair extensions include Chinese, European, and Indian. Each hair extension type is suitable for various hair textures. Chinese hair is more suitable for medium density hair, whereas European (Russian) hair has a finer denier. If you choose a hair texture that does not match your natural hair, then your hair extensions will not look as natural or blend with your hair.

Know the length you want
You can easily blend long haie extensions to mid-length hair, however if you have short hair it can be a little tricky. We recommend getting extensions for short hair if your natural hair is at least 3 to 5 inches long so it’s easier to blend it into your natural hair for a seamless look.

P.S. When you try your new hair extensions and find it unnatural on your head, we recommend wetting your hair extensions and then dry them with hair dryer brush, that will make the hair extensions fit your natural hair.

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